Mondays With Marts: May 16th, 2005

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This week asked the fans at our forum to provide most of the questions that would be asked to our guest speaker, Sean Ryan. Here is what they had to ask.

Trevor -- Tell the fans about Sean Ryan. What did you do before Marvel, where are you from, married, kids, what do you do at Marvel, and what do you do out of the office?

Sean Ryan -- Well, that’s quite a question. Before Marvel, I was in college. I had interned at Marvel while attending NYU, and then a couple months after graduation, they were nice enough to hire me. I’m not from the New York area, though. I’m from Chicago. (Go White Sox!) And no wife or kids for me. I’ve haven’t landed on that space on the game of Life, yet. Maybe if I spin a 5 I’ll add that pink peg to my car. Out of the office, other than making obscure board game references, I usually just like to relax, watch bad television, and see my sister Nora. She’s my only family in New York, so it’s always a pleasure to see her.

Trevor -- You are closely tied with Frank Tieri and Bart Sears new mini, Weapon X: Days of Future Now. Can you give the fans a teaser on what is to come?

Sean Ryan -- It’s Frank being able to finish his story. All the stuff that was building up in the regular Weapon X series finally comes to a head. There’s some really nutty things happening in this book. People dying, mysteries revealed, Fantomex; what’s not to like?

Trevor -- The Age of Apocalypse was one of your projects. Are there plans for future AoA stories and how do you feel the series was finally received by the fans?

Sean Ryan -- Well, nothing to set in motion, but the response to the mini series had made us consider going back to the AOA universe. No solid plans yet though. Keep an eye out.

Trevor -- Will House of M settle the Magneto/Xorneto issue once and for all? (requested by user95992)

Sean Ryan -- Nope.

Trevor -- Will there be any future plans for Sunfire, or is this the last we see of him? (requested by Bedazzler21)

Sean Ryan -- Possibly??????? Look for him in the New X-Men House of M arc, and then after that… anything could happen.

Trevor -- Is this new team with Juggernaut and Dazzler gonna be a series or mini and do you think that the fans really need a fourth X-Team? (requested by XtremeOne1)

Sean Ryan -- Oh it’s a series. We think the direction and idea behind this book is different enough to really set it apart from the pack. This November is gonna be a big month for the X-Men so there are going to be a lot of stories to tell. This new team is going to help be an outlet for all these new stories. (And I think you mean 5, don’t forget about New X-Men! November’s a big month for that team too!)

Trevor -- What is the difference between Mutopia X and District X that they needed to be two different books? (requested by charles littlesky)

Sean Ryan -- Well, the big difference is that Mutopia X takes place within the House of M. And believe me, once you see House of M, you’ll see how different it is.

Trevor -- They just did the 10 year anniversary of AOA, are they planning something for Onslaught, since that came out almost 10 years ago and was such a huge event? (requested by woodsben2000)

Sean Ryan -- Not that I know of.