Mondays With Marts: November 29th, 2005

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Trevor -- Mike, I’m just going to give this week to the UXN forum members who’ve got a ton of great questions for you.

Questions from the readers…

Milkshake08 -- On the letters page of New Excalibur it was stated that Cecelia Reyes is dead. Was this a mistake? If she really did die, would it be possible that the character get a proper send-off in one of the main X-titles?

Marts -- This is a tricky one and a question that’s popped up a lot over the past several years. In the eyes of Marvel editorial, we always intended for Cecelia Reyes to die in WEAPON X #5 at the Neverland concentration camp. However, we realize that this death never happened on panel and that readers never actually saw it “happen”. Does this mean she’s dead or alive? Well…that’s a question I can’t answer today. What I will say, however, is that if Cecelia is indeed dead, we will offer up substantial proof in an issue and actually say it in print. In the mean time, Cecelia’s brother Miguel can be seen in UNCANNY X-MEN and other X-books as the field commander of O*N*E, the government agency responsible for the Sentinels parked outside Xavier’s mansion.

With Storm gone, will the Uncanny X-Men be gaining any new members (besides Cannonball)?

Marts -- Nope. For now, Cannonball is the only new recruit to replace Storm. He joins Nightcrawler, Bishop, Psylocke and Marvel Girl to make up the Uncanny squad. And have no fear, Storm fans—readers will be able to see quite a bit of Ororo in UNCNANY #469-471, and also in the STORM limited series, debuting this February.

Are there any new artists/writers coming on to the X-books in 2006?

Marts -- It’s a little early to say anything definite, but I know of at least one artist who’s making the move on to one of the main X-books in ’06. You’ve seen this guy’s work on several other Marvel projects (even an X project),and trust me when I say he is the next big superstar.

SummersProdigy --
1. Will any of the depowered mutants play a major role in future X stories, if so who?

Marts -- Yes, I can think of several. See who in X-MEN’s “Blood of Apocalypse” storyline, running from February to April in X-MEN #182-186.

2. With all the craziness going on in the mutant community, how does the "End of Greys" arch fit into all of this? What does it have to do with the HoM?

Marts -- The overall image of Decimation—that of Sentinels showing up at the Xavier Institute—plays a large part in the theme and story of “End of Greys”. Remember, Rachel Summers has a history with the Sentinels like no other X-Man has…and this fact will definitely have an impact on her.

3. With the school now becoming a safe haven for all mutants, will any villains be relying on the X Mansion for protection? Will any villains be trying to help the X-Men? Can the fans have any hints on who this/these villains might be?

Marts -- Heroes and villains alike will be lining up to take advantage of Cyclops’ offer of Xavier’s as a safe haven. Check out David Hine and Jim Muniz’s THE 198 (hitting stands this January) to see exactly who shows up.

4. Any details on just what Wolverine will be looking for in his quest?

Marts -- The Spear of Destiny, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, Jimmy Hoffa’s grave…all of those are items he won’t be looking for.

5. What ramifications from HoM will hit Cyclops the hardest, and how will he react to the large amount of mutants lost, one of them being Iceman?

Marts -- Cyclops’ biggest ordeal over the next few months will be coming from the person closest to him.

6. Will the other heroes of the Marvel universe ever find out about the secret meeting between the major powers of the Marvel Universe, the Illuminati? What, if any, actions will they be taking with the large reduction of mutants?

Marts -- Details to come Spring ’06.

7. How far reaching was the HoM's effect? I mean if Wanda could have reached the Skrulls, could it have effect them, or even the Shi’ar?

Marts -- So far, only Earth-bound mutants have been affected.

8. Will the dark figure Emma was talking to at the end of Astonishing’s first arc ever be revealed? And is there more going on with her then meets the eye?

Marts -- Of course! For clues and hints, check out ASTONISHING X-MEN #13—on sale this February!

TNabe --
With Apocalypse back, will this be addressed at all in Cable/Deadpool?
Marts -- Yes—Fabien Nicieza will be writing a special two-part prequel in CABLE/DEADPOOL #26-27.

Spacedog –
In the January solicit for X-Statix we are tantalized with an awesome picture of Dead Girl along with Tike Alicar! Does this mean other of our X-Statix crew (esp. Vivisector and Mr. Sensitive and ... U-Go Girl?) is close behind or will we just have to wait impatiently and see?

Marts -- I hate to say “wait and see” but you’ll have to wait and see! All I can say is Peter Milligan will have all X-STATIX and X-FORCE fans talking for months to come.

Nadav –
Now that Salva and Liquid! are done with Spider-Man: HoM any chance of them teaming up with Chris Claremont again, in the not too distant future?
(If not a series then maybe some covers to New Excalibur?)

Marts -- Anything is possible. Both Chris and Salva have said that they love working with one another and are dying for the chance to do so again.