Mondays With Marts: November 7th, 2005

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5th July 2011

Trevor -- Ororo and T’Challa appear to have gained support more and more within the Marvel offices as THE couple to talk about. Why do you think readers would rather see Ororo with T’Challa, rather than say a coupling between Ororo and Bishop?

Mike Marts -- Why is it you always remember the first girl you kissed but maybe not the twenty-first? It’s first love syndrome, man! Anyone who recalls Claremont and Byrne’s classic MARVEL TEAM-UP story (which featured a teenage Ororo and T’Challa sharing an adventure together in Africa) remembers there was an amazing amount of chemistry between the two young heroes. And even though that chemistry happened long ago, it’s one which many readers feel was left unresolved. So—young love…unfinished business…all the ingredients you need for a great romance.

Trevor -- What’s the X-Offices view on their coupling—will we see the two of them coming together more and more in the next few years?

Mike Marts -- Possibly! Readers who saw Ororo and T’Challa reunite recently in the X-MEN/BLACK PANTHER “Wild Kingdom” crossover know that Ororo decided to remain in Africa after their adventure…so I’m not saying that’s a guarantee they’ll get together soon, but it’s a pretty good indicator!

Trevor -- Speaking of couples, some viewers thought that both Kitty and Piotr would come back together and live semi-happily ever after, but now with Pete Wisdom thrown back in the mix the question of Kitty-Piotr-Wisdom is back in the air once more. What’s going on between this love triangle and how long will readers have to wait to see its resolution?

Mike Marts -- SPOILER ALERT: There won’t be any love triangle between Kitty, Piotr and Pete. As readers will see in NEW EXCALIBUR #1 (on sale this week!), Mr. Wisdom tries to win back the favor of former girlfriend Kitty Pryde, but Kitty will have nothing to do with it. In this instance >gasp!

Trevor -- Let me play fan-boy just for a moment. JUGGERNAUT is enthralled with DAZZZLER. Can I safely assume that the two of these characters will become more than just friends in Claremont’s NEW EXCALIBUR run?

Mike Marts -- Yup, you can safely assume that Mr. Claremont will be addressing Cain’s adoration of Miss Blaire.

Trevor -- What are your thoughts on Stephen King’s recent revelation that he will be working with Marvel in the near future?

Mike Marts -- I love it, Stephen King is one of my all-time favorite authors, and any fan of his knows that comic books are near and dear to his heart.

Trevor -- What X-Man or title would you pick for him to work on if ever given the choice?

Mike Marts -- I’d love to see King tackle Nightcrawler. Who better to deal with the X-Men’s resident monster than the Monster Master?

Trevor -- I’ve got some questions from viewers; I’d like to get a couple of them out there for you to answer.

Blanchett -- Will Northstar reappear soon in an x-title if so where?

Mike Marts -- Not in 2005.

Blanchett -- After House of M will Wolverine's "presence" in just about every marvel comic be toned down?

Mike Marts -- Expect to see some mild toning down, most notably in the core X-Men monthlies.

Blanchett -- Are there any plans for an origin story for Mystique?

Mike Marts -- We did one about two years ago, UNCANNY X-MEN #428—one of my favorite issues to ever have worked on.

Blanchett -- Will any of Emma Frost's Family appear in upcoming issues of any x-title?

Mike Marts -- Possibly.

Blanchett -- Will Madame Sanctity reappear?

Mike Marts -- No.

Blanchett -- Will Rachel's history of being Mother Askani be addressed in Uncanny or anywhere else?

Mike Marts -- Rachel will be in the forefront of UNCANNY X-MEN for the next six issues (#466-471).

Carnacally -- A crossover involving a non-x-title has just occurred between the Black Panther and the X-Men, are there any plans for non-x-related titles to get a spotlight in any of the X-related titles in 2006?

Mike Marts -- We loved doing the X-M/BP crossover. Expect to see another such crossover in ’06.

Magnetolives2 -- Emma seems to be popping up in a large number of Marvel titles, is this a decision of the editors or the writers of the books? Also, what is your opinion on her popularity?

Mike Marts -- With Professor X having been in Genosha for the past year, Emma’s become the default telepath for the X-Men—which makes her a more popular lady, whether she likes it or not.

ArrakSharppoint -- Will there ever be a return for the X-Man, Nate Grey? Will the plotline involving his and Threnody’s “supposed” child ever be addressed?

Mike Marts -- There is huge fan support out there for X-Man—but I doubt we’ll be seeing any of Nate any time soon.