Mondays With Marts: October 24th, 2005

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Trevor -- There has been a lot of talk about the culling of mutants. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Mike Marts -- Well, I’m a bit reluctant to use the term “culling” when referring to the events at the end of HOUSE OF M. “Change the likes of which mutantkind has never seen”? Yup. “Global mutant phenomenon”? You betcha. But “culling” isn’t completely accurate.

Trevor -- Why do you think now is a good time to reduce the population when it seemed, as if, a year ago, Marvel wanted to expand the mutant population?

Mike Marts -- The goal was never to intentionally expand the mutant population…but after forty-odd years of storytelling it was inevitable that the mutant population would get a bit out of control. Once DECIMATION hits, mutantkind will simply be returning to its original status quo—an extreme minority that are considered dangerous outlaws by many…and in the X-Men’s case, they’ll be “feared and hated by those they’ve sworn to protect”—which are the very words that were the tagline of the X-Men many years ago.

Trevor -- Presumably the X-Men are going to be feeling the effects from the House of M far into the future.

Mike Marts -- Definitely.

Trevor -- Can you say that the turmoil they will be going through will bring the X-Men back together as a close knit team like they used to be or will this tear them apart?

Mike Marts -- A little of both. The X-Men won’t come through this ordeal unscathed. Quite the opposite, in fact, as several key players at the X-Mansion become directly affected by House of M. So, some members of the team will feel as though their entire lives have been torn apart, while others will turn inward to their teammates and family in an attempt to survive this catastrophic event.

Trevor -- Just off the top of your head, how many A-listers do you see losing their powers?

Mike Marts -- I can think of five off the top of my head. And that’s not limited to just the X-Men. I’m counting all Marvel Universe A-listers.

Trevor -- How many B? How many C?

Mike Marts -- Many. But don’t expect to find out everyone who’s been affected in the first few weeks. It will take to time discover just how far-reaching this phenomenon will be.

Trevor -- Can you tell us if there will be any A-listers die before Decimation is over?

Mike Marts -- Um…no. I can’t tell you that.

Trevor -- When you think of all the titles that are coming out post-HoM what one title sticks out in your mind as a must read for all fans?

Mike Marts -- Which one title? Wow, it’s so hard to narrow it down to just one. Well, readers just cannot miss HOUSE OF M: THE DAY AFTER…and well, SON OF M is an essential read…NEW X-MEN, too. And GENERATION M—oh, and THE 198.

That’s one title, right?

Trevor -- X-MEN #177 is the first part of the House Arrest storyline. What is the basis behind this storyline? Can you give the fans something to sink their teeth in as they await this new arcs arrival?

Mike Marts -- “House Arrest” follows right on the heels of HOUSE OF M: THE DAY AFTER…and the title of the arc pretty much says it all. Someone (not sure who) gets imprisoned within their very own home (not sure where). But these aren’t your usual jailers…

Trevor -- The X-Men will be sneak attacked and become forced to align themselves with former enemies, any hints to who is the attacker and who might the “former” enemies be?

Mike Marts -- All is not as it seems to be in DECIMATION… people are assuming certain entities to be the enemies and I can guarantee you that those people are wrong. And expect at least one A-lister villain to be on the X-Men’s side.

Trevor -- The End of Greys is a storyline that is coming up next in the Uncanny series, what does the story involve? Who are the main characters and how much does this story involve itself with Decimation?

Mike Marts -- UNCANNY X-MEN #466-468—“End of Greys”—stems directly out of HOUSE OF M and is an integral part of DECIMATION…Rachel Grey takes center stage in this storyline. Her story ties into both HOUSE OF M and PHOENIX: ENDSONG.

Trevor -- Will we get to see some of Jean’s family that has been in “comic limbo” for sometime now?

Mike Marts -- We definitely will—plan on seeing almost all of Jean’s extended family in “End of Greys”.

Trevor -- Lastly Mike, how was your vacation? Where did you go what did you do?

Mike Marts -- Had a great time, thanks. Went to sunny Florida with my wife for our one year anniversary. Got to visit Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival, saw the Buccaneers beat down the Dolphins, and I also got to meet up with a slew of Tampa-based Marvel freelancers one night—Tony Bedard, Paul Pelletier, Laura Martin, Brandon Peterson, Mike Perkins, Derec Donovan, Karl Moline, Drew Hennessy, Rob Hunter and Wil Quintana…just to name a few!

Trevor -- Thanks Mike for your time it’s always a pleasure.

Mike Marts -- Thanks. Seeya next week.