Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix

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Scott Lobdell (Writer), Gene Ha (Artist)

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Newlyweds Scott Summers and Jean Grey had hoped their honeymoon would be a respite from their precarious lives as the X-Men's Cyclops and Phoenix. But then the unimaginable happened....The engmatic Mother Askani, Leader of Quasi-religious cult of Freedom Fighters, yanked Scott and Jean to a distant, horrific future in which everything they ever fought for has long been destroyed. In this era, the mutant despot known as Apocalpse has at long last conquered humanity... and all suffer under his tyrannical rule. As Apocalypse prepares to take possession of the ultimate vessel for his power---the boy called Stryfe---Scott and Jean are entrusted with protecting Nathan Christopher Summers, Scott's on time-lost son who possesses the power to topple Apocalypse's reign! Now, Scott and Jean must make sure Nathan survives...teach him how to control his vast power...and stop Apocalypse once and for all!

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Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1-4

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