Captain Britain By Alan Moore & Alan Davis Omnibus

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Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Dave Thorpe, Paul Neary, Steve Craddock, Mike Collins, Alan Davis, Chris Claremont, Mike Carlin (Writers); Alan Davis, Paul Neary (Artists)

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Twenty-five years ago, in the back of a British reprint comic, a smal company decided to try to add some original content; the revival of a superhero that had never clicked properly the first few times around. That hero's name? Captain Britain. The result? Magic...

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Marvel Super-Heroes #377-388; The Daredevils #1-11; The Mighty World Of Marvel #7-16; Captain Britain (2nd series) #1-14; New Mutants Annual #2; Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #11; Captain America #305-306


Include as extra content: Costume designs and character sketches by Alan Davis; the original six-page version of Marvel Super-Heroes #377; an article by Alan Moore about Captain Britain's history published in Marvel Super-Heroes #389; a behind-the-scenes look at Alan Davis work on The Daredevils #1; The Daredevils #4 script, poster art from various The Daredevils issues; a Moore & Davis strip starring Cobweb from The Daredevils #11; assorted pin-ups and scketches by Alan Davis; back-up stories featuring secondary characters from The Daredevils #11-14; a Grand Morrison prose story featuring Captain Britain; Chris Claremont's introduction from the Captain Britain TPB edition of 1989; covers of old Captain Britain reprints such as X-Men Archives: Captain Britain and other collections.

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