Essential Dazzler Vol. 2

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Danny Fingeroth, Steve Grant, Frank Springer, Jim Shooter, Ken McDonald, Mike Carlin, Ann Nocenti, Linda Grant, Bob Denatale, Archie Goodwin (Writers), Frank Springer, Marc Bright, Geof Isherwood, Don Perlin, Tom Morgan, Paul Chadwick, Al Milgrom (Artists)

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No matter how well she handles the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants, Moonstone and Blackout, the Tatterdemalion, and other villains, Alison Blaire never set out to be a super hero - just a superstar! But her big film break shatters that dream when she's outed to the public as a mutant, and not even the Beyonder can mend her stricken soul! After a series of adventures with bounty hunters, cults, and family secrets, she's ready to start a new life - but with the stage, the big screen, and the fashion runway all closed to her, what success will she the combat arena? Guest-starring Power Man and Iron Fist, the Inhumans, Millie the Model, and more than half a dozen X-Men!

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Dazzler #22-42, Marvel Graphic Novel #12, Beauty and the Beast #1-4, Secret Wars II #4


This volume includes the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries of Beast and Dazzler plus an in-house ad promoting the Beauty and the Beast limited series by artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

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