Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis Vol. 2

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Alan Davis (Writer/Artist); Scott Lobdell (Writer); Dougie Braithwaite, Will Simpson, James Fry, Steve Lightle, Ron Lim, Dwayne Turner, Joe Madureira, Jae Lee, Malcom Jones, Rick Leonardi, Brian Stelfreeze, Sam Kieth

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Secrets of the Phoenix-Force! Dinosaur subplots resolved! Captain Britain and Spider-Man vs. a pack of human dogs! These and other astonishments await as co-creator Alan Davis takes Excalibur into space and down the rabbit hole! Plus: a battle with the X-Men across time and a team-up with the X-Men against Trolls!

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Excalibur #51-58; Excalibur: XX Crossing


Both Brian Stelfreeze and Sam Kieth are uncredited inside the book indicia, they just appear only on the backcover

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