Excalibur Visionaries: Alan Davis Vol. 3

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Alan Davis, Scott Lobdell (Writers); Alan Davis, Scott Kolins (Artists)

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Nightcrawler! Shadowcat! Captain Britain! Meggan! And the return of Rachel Summers, the Phoenix! As our heroes team with Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther to save Wakanda, Phoenix battles Galactus in space! And back in England, the government is trying to take control of the nation's super heroes, but it's not going well - just ask the Warpies! Then, it's a trip to a Sentinel-ruled future - and the shocking origin of Widget! Alan Davis returns to Excalibur for some of the team's greatest adventures yet!

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Excalibur (1st series) #59-67


Contains three pages of X-Men: Series 2 Trading Card art by Alan Davis

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