Exiles Vol. 4: Legacy

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Judd Winick (Writer); Jim Calafiore, Kev Walker, and Jon Holdredge (Artists); Mike McKone (Cover)

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They are the Exiles, reality-hopping nomads forced to repair the broken chain of time. Failure means a fate worse than death; success, a new reality and a new mission. The Exiles now find themselves in a violent wasteland ravaged by plague. Years ago, this reality was devastated by the mutant-killing Legacy Virus, leaving hundreds of thousands dead or dying. The Exiles’ mission is to help create a vaccine – but to do so, they must overcome some of the most powerful super-beings ever known, transformed into monstrous aberrations by the disease. Plus: They’re good. They’re bad. They’re deadly. Follow another, more aggressive band of world-hopping heroes in their own reality-altering adventure. Like the Exiles, the ragtag team of Weapon X has been tasked to repair cracks in the timestream. But while both teams have the same objective, their methods couldn’t be more different.

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Exiles #20-25

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