Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix

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Peter Milligan (Writer), John Paul Leon (Artist)

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The year is 1859...and the modern world is consumed in an age of enlightenment. But as humanity marches toward an era of undreamed science and technology, the dawn of a new race draws near; a divergent species possessed of powers and abilities that will lead mankind into a new epoch -- or doom it for all time! On the outskirts of London, one lone, outcast geneticist foresees this evolutionary leap forward. While Nathaniel Essex's theories are mocked by his colleagues, they have also drawn the interest of a being who has existed since the dawn of civilization -- the ancient being despot known as Apocalypse! The time-tossed X-Men Cyclops and Phoenix are the only barriers standing between this unholy alliance and global cataclysm! Now, trapped more than a century in the past, they will fight in a last, desperate conflict against their greatest enemy...with the battlefield being one man's soul!

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Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #1-4

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