Gambit Classic Vol. 1

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Chris Claremont, Howard Mackie (Writers); Bill Jaaska, Mike Collins, Jim Lee, Lee Weeks (Artists)

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Pagin' the Ragin' Cajun! When Storm is reverted to a teenage mutant thief, she's rescued by fellow felon Gambit in his first appearance! But befriending even one X-Man means making enemies like the Shadow King, Orphan-Maker, and the Hounds! After joining the X-Men himself, Gambit romances fellow southern-born super hero Rogue, but how can a thief steal a power-taker's heart when his assassin bride is back from the dead? Plus: Wolverine, Mystique, and more! L'aventure est a l'interieur, mon ami!

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Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #265-267; Gambit (1st series) #1-4

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