Marvel Masterworks: X-Men Vol. 5 (HC)

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Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Arnold Drake, and Jerry Siegel (Writers); Jim Steraniko, Barry Smith, Don Heck, John Buscema, Werner Roth, and George Tuska (Artists)

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Buckle down your mortarboards, students of Marvel's merry mutants, 'cause we've got a summer crash course in X-Men classics coming your way! Lesson #1: It ain't easy being an X-Man. No sooner has their mentor, Professor X, died than who shows up but Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! Only a study in teamwork with Earth's Mightiest Heroes can help our grieving heroes make the grade! Lesson #2: Think twice before inviting family over. A friendly house call from the Juggernaut or Polaris, the daughter of Magneto himself, isn't the summertime bliss the brochure may have described! Lesson #3: Battling a bevy of baddies including Mesmero, Blastaar, the Red Raven, Warlock and Computo may cause cramps. Be sure to stretch before jumping into this pool! And for extra credit you can pull an all-nighter with the origins of Iceman and Beast, along with a rare solo story featuring the Angel!

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X-Men (first series) #42-53, Avengers (first series) #53, parts of Ka-Zar #2-3, and Marvel Tales #30

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