Mephisto VS.

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Al Milgrom (Writer); John Buscema (Artist)

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The Fantastic Four! X-Factor! The X-Men! The Avengers! What threat could menace all four major Marvel teams of the 1980s? Can you say...the Devil? Mephisto wants super-hero souls, and he's out to collect them all! With their worst nightmares and their wildest dreams at his command, he's not getting cast out of this fight! How can he lose...when it's his series?

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Mephisto vs. Fantastic Four #1; Mephisto vs. X-Factor #2; Mephisto vs. the X-Men #3; Mephisto vs. the Avengers #4


Includes the OHOTMU entry for Mephisto and material from Marvel Age #45

As part of the Marvel Premiere Classic line of hardcovers, this volume features two covers, the standard cover and a limited numbered variant for the direct market.
This volume is numbered as Vol. 32 in this limited variat and had an edition size of 689 copies.

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