Ms. Marvel Vol. 6: Ascension

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Brian Reed (Writer); Marcos Marz, Paulo Siqueira, David Yardin, Adriana Melo, Guiseppe Cammuncoli, Mark Robinson (Artists)

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In the days following the Secret Invasion, there is a death in the family. Brian Reed (Secret Invasion: Spider-Man) and Marcos Marz (Batman) begin the tale of Ms. Marvel's new life post-Secret Invasion. Then, it's Marvel Pirate Mania as the Storyteller returns! Gavin is a young man with the ability to reshape the world in his image, but when he crosses paths with Ms. Marvel once more, dark secrets are revealed, and Gavin's life takes a dark turn. Plus: it's a Brand New Day as Ms. Marvel and the Amazing Spider-Man cross paths. Can they settle their own differences and save Manhattan from menacing mechanized malcontents?

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Ms. Marvel (2nd series) #31-34; Ms. Marvel Special: Storyteller; Ms. Marvel (2nd series) Annual #1

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