New Excalibur Vol. 2: Last Days of Camelot

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Chris Claremont, Christopher Yost, and Frank Tieri (Writers); Michael Ryan, Scott Kolins, and Jim Calafiore (Artists)

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Dazzler died. But for some reason, it didn't stick. How is that possible? Dazzler and her new teammates attempt to find out what happened, and the answer will shock you! Then, New Excalibur is alerted that a depowered mutant has been returned home to England. Learn the secret history of Chamber - but can the team find out the truth before he's killed?! Also, King Arthur's mighty kingdom lays in ruins! Death is everywhere. Who could possibly save the day? Why, New Excalibur, of course! The Black Knight guest-stars in a time-traveling tale for the ages! And finally, can a man really change who he is? Can he erase the past and set forth a new future for himself? The Juggernaut has tried to make his way as a hero, but there are voices in him that are pulling him back to villainous ways. Will he give in to the temptation?

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New Excalibur #8-15

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