New Mutants Classic Vol. 4

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Chris Claremont (Writer); Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Leiahola (Artists)

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To rescue their mentor's son and their ex-leader, the New Mutants travel across the world, to the past and the future, and deep into the astral plane! But to rescue their friends, they must face enemies hiding inside them - and within themselves! Plus: The Beyonder! Guest-starring Professor X, Storm, Shadowcat, Dazzler, Magneto, the White Queen, and additional X-associates! Also featuring the first appearance of Strong Guy!

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New Mutants (1st series) #26-34


Includes reproductions of the original paintings that served as covers for issues #26-29 and #31, and the Bill Sienkiewicz covers for X-Men Archivers #1-3

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