New Mutants Classic Vol. 5

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Chris Claremont (Writer); Mary Wilshire & Bill Sienkiewicz; Rick Leonardi, Keith Pollard, Jackson Guice, Arthur Adams (Artists)

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Mutantkind's best class takes a road trip via the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard and medieval magical madness, with evil god Loki to guide them to all the wrong places! Then, it's back to class under a new schoolmaster: the master of magnetism, Magneto! The ex-terrorist has turned teacher to atone for his crimes, but even if the New Mutants and the guest-starring X-Men trust him, the Avengers will be much tougher to convince! Featuring the Beyonder, Emma Frost, and the Hellions!

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New Mutants Special Edition; Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #9; New Mutants (1st series) #35-40.


Includes as extra content all the penciled pages from New Mutants Special Edition, the pencils for the X-Men Annual #9 and character designs by Arthur Adams

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