New X-Men - Academy X Vol. 3: X-Posed

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Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (Writers); Georges Jeanty, Paco Medina, and Michael Ryan (Artists)

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First, a forbidden relationship comes out into the open, with consequences for everyone at Xavier's! Then, the kids at Xavier's deal with death as they mourn the passing of one of their favorite teachers. Next, the Xavier Institute's end-of-year dance is upon the New Mutants. And just as the X-Men leave for a mission, an old villain sees this as the perfect time to strike! And finally, with the New Mutants at their absolute lowest, will the kids be able to work out their problems and become a team again?!

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New X-Men: Academy X #12-15, New X-Men: Academy X - Yearbook Special

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