New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 3

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Grant Morrison (Writer); Chris Bachalo, Phil Jimenez, Marc Silvestri (Artists)

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Sixteen million mutants dead - and that was just the beginning! In one bold stroke, writer Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, Batman) propelled the X-Men into the 21st century - masterminding a challenging new direction for Marvel's mutant heroes that began with the destruction of Genosha and never let up. Regarded as the most innovative thinker of the current comic-book renaissance, Morrison proceeded to turn the mutant-hero genre on its ear. Gone were the gaudy spandex costumes - replaced by slick, black leather and an attitude to match. Now, his entire Eisner Award-nominated run on New X-Men is collected across three titanic trade paperbacks!

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New X-Men (1st series) #142-154

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22nd March 2018 by Dean Clayton