Secret War

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0785113312 (TPB); 0785118373 (HC)

Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Raicht (Writer), Gabriele Dell'Otto (Artist)

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Starring Wolverine, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Black Widow, Luke Cage and more! Brian Michael Bendis, reveals the darkest chapter in Marvel Universe history! When Nick Fury discovers a disturbing connection between many of Marvel's deadliest villains, he assembles a ragtag team of the MU's most misunderstood heroes for a secret mission to do what the U.S. government could never allow - eventually leading to a super-powered blowout between a who's who of NYC heroes and mutants! Featuring the American debut of the stunning, fully painted work of Italian artist Gabrielle Del'Otto.

Issues Reprinted: 

Secret War #1-5; Secret War: From The Files Of Nick Fury


This is the first printing of the second edition of Secret War, not to be mistaken by the first edition, whose ISBN is 978-3-8660-7412-5

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