Ultimate X-Men Vol. 3 (HC)

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Mark Millar (Writer); Ben Lai, Ray Lai, David Finch, and Adam Kubert (Artists)

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The X-Men's most powerful foe returns! Magneto is dead, slain in a climactic battle with the X-Men... or is he? A critical blunder by the Beast reveals the truth: The Master of Magnetism has been living as an amnesiac, his memory wiped by Professor Xavier. Now that the secret's out, the Brotherhood of Mutants has restored its leader's mind. Magneto is back with a vengeance, seeking to renew his plans for a mutant-dominated Earth. With anti-mutant hysteria sweeping the nation, the U.S. government sends in its most powerful weapon to bring down Magneto: the Ultimates, an alliance of legendary heroes that includes Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. Caught in the middle are the X-Men, who have dedicated their lives to protecting the very humans who now hunt them as criminals. As Cyclops and Professor X fall in battle, the team is forced into hiding. Is the X-Men's only chance for survival to join Magneto's forces?

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Ultimate X-Men #26-33, Ultimate War #1-4

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