White Tiger: A Hero's Compulsion

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Tamora Pierce & Timothy Liebe (Writers); Phil Briones, Alvaro Rio, Ronaldo Silva (Artists)

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Roaring out of the pages of Daredevil, the new White Tiger makes a ferocious debut, courtesy of the dynamic scripting of New York Times best-selling fantasy author Tamora Pierce (Trickster's Queen, The Will of the Empress) and masterful penciling of rising star Phil Briones (La Geste des Chevaliers-Dragons, Les Seigneurs d'Agartha). Angela del Toro knows pain: Her uncle - Hector Ayala, the former White Tiger - killed. Her FBI partner, murdered. Her career, ruined. Her mentor, Matt Murdock, jailed. And the hurt is just beginning. The Yakuza's bloodthirsty Sano Orii returns, a genocidal shadow organization appears, and a new-but-old super-powered madman is looking to put the squeeze on White Tiger. Armed with mystical amulets - and finally in costume - White Tiger demands answers! But will she survive long enough to ask the right questions?

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White Tiger #1-6


Guest appearances by Emma Frost, Deadpool and Omega Red

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