Women Of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus

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George Kapitan, Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Linda Fite, Jean Thomas, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, Tony Isabella, John Warner, Ed Hannigan, Carole Seuling, Steve Gerber, Mike Friedrich, Jim Shooter, David Micheline, Tom DeFalco, John Byrne, Dwayne McDuffie, Robin D. Chaplik, Dwight D. Coye, J.M. DeMatteis, Jack C.Harris, Richard Howell (Writers); Harry Sale, Larry Lieber, Werner Roth, Winslow Mortimer, Marie Severin, Patty Greer, Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss, Jim Mooney, Don Perlin, Mike Vosburg, George Tuska, Ross Andru, Don Heck, Bob Brown, Gene Colan, Sal Buscema, Frank Springer, Greg LaRocque, May Wilshire, John Byrne, June Brigman, Mark Bright, Stan Goldberg, Sal Brodsky, Richard Howell (Artists)

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Seven Avengers, three X-Women and more from across the decades - together for the first time!

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Mystic Comics #4; Tales To Astonish #51-58; X-Men (1st series) #57; Night Nurse #1-4; Marvel Team-Up #8; Giant-Size Creatures #8; Marvel Premiere #42; Shanna the She-Devil #1-5; Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #82; Daredevil #108-112; Marvel Two-In-One #3; Marvel Graphic Novel #12, #16, #18; Firestar #1-4; She-Hulk: Ceremony #1-2; Captain Marvel (1989) #1; Captain Marvel (1994) #1; Millie the Model #100; Patsy Walker #119; Solo Avengers #9; Marvel Comics Presents #36; Marvel Fanfare #59


Includes as extra content: Greg Land's cover for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Women of Marvel 2005; Tom Raney's cover to Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Handbook; MikeMayhew covers for Women of Marvel TPB #1-2, all the Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic's Women of Marvel variant covers published during that year in various comic books; the Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Magazine cover by Alan Davis; all ten Women of Marvel Frame Variant covers published in various titles during the same year; Ramona Fradon and Olivier Coipel cover proccess for this compilation and a retrospective of Marvel's female characters through the decades by Robert Greenberger.

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