X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 3

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Peter David (Writer); Jim Fern, Larry Stroman, Rurik Tyler, Mark Pacella, Darick Robertson, Joe Madureira (Artists)

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Today's X-Factor beat is Mutant Town - but years before, it was Washinton, D.C.! Madrox, Strong Guy, Quicksilver and the rest face crises of diplomacy, deception and death while protecting humans from mutants and vice versa! A battle with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the shadow of Genosha! Musical murder, the Mojoverse and more! Featuring one of Wolverine's rivals, Cyber!

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X-Factor (1st series) #79-83; X-Factor Annual #7


Only the second and third stories from X-Factor Annual #7 are reprinted here. The first one was pulled out as it was part of the Kings of Pain crossover.

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