X-Factor Vol. 12: Scar Tissue

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978-0-7851-5283-5 (Premiere HC); 978-0-7851-5284-2 (TPB)

Peter David (Writer); Valentine DeLandro; Emmanuella Lupacchino (Artists)

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X-Factor is in upheaval as one member leaves, another arrives, and Rictor and Rahne finally have it out over the identity of her baby's father! Plus: a high-school student's suicide of triggers X-Factor's most personal case. And when a man is killed by what seems to be vampires, can the team separate fact from fiction? Then, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson thrusts NYC's premiere detective agency into the midst of a murder investigation, but the trail seems to lead them straight back to...Jonah himself?!

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X-Factor (3rd series) #213-219


Includes a four pages long "Opening The Scketchbook" feature from X-Men Spotlight

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22nd March 2018 by Dean Clayton