X-Factor Vol. 5: The Only Game In Town

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Peter David (Writer); Pablo Raimondi, Valentine De Landro (Artists)

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Following the events of Messiah CompleX, X-Factor Investigations is in shambles. Jamie is a basket case from his trip to a nightmarish future, Layla's fate is completely in the air, and Wolfsbane has to leave the team to join X-Force - though none of her friends can know about it. What will Wolfsbane tell the X-Factor team? What are they going to do about Layla? How is Jamie coping with his guilt? Get onboard here for X-Factor's brand-new direction! Plus: He's gone from the son of one of the world's greatest villains to one of Earth's Mightest Heroes and then to one of the world's greatest villains in his own right. Now, Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver, the man behind the Decimation of the world's mutants, finds himself depowered and trapped in a prison cell, where he must confront all the demons of his past.

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X-Factor (3rd series) #28-32; X-Factor: The Quick and the Dead

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