X-Men: Angel - Revelations

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Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Writer), Adam Pollina (Artist)

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While most teenagers have to worry about acne and their voices cracking, Warren Worthington III has more pressing concerns: Giant wings growing out of his back. And that’s the least of his problems. He also has a vengeful rival and ex-girlfriend to contend with, and a crazed mutant-hunter out to end Warren’s heroic career before he has time to launch it. Before he became the Angel a founding member of the X-Men, Warren was a spoiled and conflicted rich kid at an elite prep school. Angel: Revelations tells the full story of Warren’s ascension to the high-flying hero X-Men readers know. He evolves in more than a generic way as he comes to grips with his newfound abilities and finally realizes the importance of the gift he initially saw as a curse.

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Angel: Revelations #1-5

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