X-Men Legacy: Aftermath

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Mike Carey (Writer); Paul Davidson, Harvey Tolibao, Jorge Molina, Rfa Sandoval (Artists)

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The greatest threats come from within. The X-Men have emerged victorious from the fight of their lives, narrowly defeating Bastion and his army of Nimrod Sentinels. But the wounds run deep--and when one X-Man loses control, another does the unthinkable in realiation. Then, following the shocking events of Age of X, the X-Men are left with memories of lives unlived and feelings never felt. Can the team pull together after witnessing the unimaginable, or will the burden of these recollections be too much for the X-Men to bear?

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X-Men Legacy #242-244, #248-249


Includes and advertismenet for the Age of X Hardcover and the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries of Blindfold, Hellion and Omega Sentinel

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