X-Men Legacy: Emplate

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Mike Carey (Writer); Daniel Acuña, Mirco Pierfederici (Artists)

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After leaving their home in San Francisco and relocating to the floating island of Utopia, the X-Men finally thought they were safe. But the mutants have very little time to build their new nation before finding themselves under attack once again. A murderous foe from the X-Men's past. Emplate is not simply content to torment his enemies: He must feast on their mutant bone marrow to survive. After catching the X-Men by surprise and attacking them in their new home, the vampiric mutant kidnaps one of the team's students to his own twisted dimension. As the team's scientists struggle to find a way to breach the dimensional rift, Rogue steps forward with a plan to make her way into Emplate's dark home. But will she be quick enough?

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X-Men Legacy #228-230; X-Men: Legacy Annual #1

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