X-Men Legacy: Sins of the Father

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Mike Carey, Stan Lee, Roger Stern, Michael Higgins (Writers); John Romita Jr., Scot Eaton, Ken Lashley, Marco Checchetto, Phil Briones, Dave Cockrum, Ron Lim, Ben Oliver, Ron Frenz, Klaus Janson, Sean Chen, Leinil Francis Yu, Pasqual Ferry, Howard Chaykin (Artists)

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Since having his faculties restored following a near-fatal gunshot wound to the head, the founder of the X-Men, Professor Xavier, has embarked on a quest to fill the blanks and unravel the remaining mysteries of his life. Having been warned by Gambit of an assassination plot, Xavier and his former student set out to determine why the Professor is one of the targets. The answer comes in the form of Mr. Sinister, the recently deceased foe of the X-Men, who hatched an evil plot decades ago, just now coming to fruition

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X-Men Legacy #213-216; X-Men: The Unlikely Saga Of Xavier, Magneto And Stan; X-Men: Odd Men Out


Contains an article by Mike Carey titled "The Mindscape Papers", placing the events occurred during the mindscape scenes chronologically. It also contains two pages featuring Alam Davis's cover process for issues #213-214 and Scot Eaton designs for Miss Sinister

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