X-Men: Original Sin

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Mike Carey, Daniel Way (Writers); Mike Deodato, Scot Eaton (Artists)

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Wolverine and Professor Xavier. Two of the oldest ighters in mutantkind's struggle for equality. Men with long histories and much blood on their hands. Now they've joined together to save a member of mutantkind's next generation. Daken, Wolverine's estranged son, was gifted with bone claws, a healing factor and the savage ferocity of his father. He had the tools to become a great hero - but after years of torturous brainwashing and homicidal reprogramming at the hands of the mysterious Romulus, he has little control over his wrathful impulses. He'll need the help of these legendary X-Men to rebuild his psyche, or risk losing himself to the animalistic urges that nearly consumed his father.
Can Xavier and Wolverine rescue Daken from Sebastian Shaw, the Black King of the Hellfire Club, and help him prevent the cycle of violence and death that plagues most of mutantkind? Or will Shaw's lure prove too strong to resist? Either way, no one will make it out of this fight with a clean conscience

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X-Men Legacy #217-218; Wolverine: Origins #28-30, X-Men: Original Sin

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