X-Men: Second Coming HC

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Mike Carey, Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, Zeb Wells, Matt Fraction (Writers); Stuart Immonen, David Finch, Terry Dodson, Greg Land, Ibraim Robertson, Lan Medina, Nathan Fox, Mike Choi, Esad Ribic (Artists)

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The climax of four years of X-Men stories is the X-Event of 2010! What started in HOUSE OF M with the Decimation of mutantkind and erupted with the first new mutant birth in MESSIAH COMPLEX finishes here. In the epic crossover SECOND COMING, Cyclops' faith pays off when Cable returns to the present with Hope, the girl he believes to be the mutant messiah. But will she be the savior or destroyer of mutantkind? We may never know, as she is the target of an initiative for mutant eradication unlike anything the X-Men have ever experienced. Many will be wounded. Several will die. Is Hope worth it?

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Second Coming: Prepare; Second Coming #1-2; Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #523-525; New Mutants (3rd series) #12-14, X-Men Legacy #235-237; X-Force (3rd series) #26-28

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