X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 3

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Warren Ellis, Scott Lobdell, Jeph Loeb, Chris Bachalo, John Francis Moore, Fabian Nicieza, Larry Hama, and Terry Kavanagh (Writers); Roger Cruz, Renato Arlem, Carlos Mota, Eddie Wagner, Ken Lashley, Joe Madureira, Chris Bachalo, Steve Skroce, Steve Epting, Terry Dodson, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larroca, and Carlos Pacheco (Artists)

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The mirror gets darker and the Amazing X-Men more Astonished by the minute as the Age of Apocalypse hits its third quarter! Magneto has dedicated his life to freeing humanity and mutantkind alike, but will Apocalypse now require him to destroy reality to save it! Sides are switched and secrets shown with repercussions ringing from the Savage Land to the Shi-ar Galaxy! Plus: a rare look at how Apocalypse altered the rest of Marvel's mightiest! Doctor Doom and Reed Richards, side-by-side? Matt Murdock and the Kingpin, allies? Gwen Stacy in mourning for Peter Parker? Avengers, Exiles, etc. in the original alternate X-saga!

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X-Calibre #2-3, Astonishing X-Men (1st series) #2-4, Generation Next #2-3, X-Man #2-3, Factor X #3, Amazing X-Men (1st series) #3, Weapon X (1st series) #3, Gambit & the X-Ternals #3 and X-Universe (1st series) #1

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