X-Men vs The Brood

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John Ostrander, Chris claremont (Writers), Brian Hitch, Marc Silvestri (Artists)

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THE UNCANNY X-MEN — An outlaw group of mutants brought together under the premise that even those who are feared and hated by the world wround them can make a difference. Hindered at every turn, they fight to make the world a safer place for mutants and humans alike. — THE BROOD — A vicious alien race that struggles to ensure that their DNA survives and thrives in the galactic genepool. Implanting--or infecting--other races witht he eggs of their young, they perpetuate their species while assimilating the natural talents and physiology of their hosts.
The X-Men are the only beings on Earth with enough experience to fend off the Brood infestation. But if the powers of the X-Men don't prove to be enough, will the faith and love of two ordinary human beings be our best hope for survival?
Find out in this epic saga, containing two classic tales of the X-Men versus the Brood!

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X-Men: Brood #1-2, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #232-234

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