Agent-X #11

Issue Date: 
July 2003
Story Title: 
Fight the Power!

Evan Dorkin (writer), Juan Bobillo (penciller), Marcelo Sosa (inker), Chris Chuckry (colourist), Cory Petit (letterer), Andrew Lis (editors), Joe Quesada (chief), Bill Jemas (president) Cover artist (Brian Stelfreeze)

Brief Description: 

Alex and Fight-Man team up against Fight-Man’s ex-wife, Beverly, and his entire rogue’s gallery of Fight Man, who have kidnapped Sandi and are keeping her at City Hall. Meanwhile, Beverly sets her plan into motion: DoctOrangutan transfers the powers of five villains to Beverly. Sandi manages to escape on her own, but Beverly, with her new powers, kills her boyfriend, the Hooded Eye, and DoctOrangutan and then tries to kill Fight-Man, Sandi and Alex. Through dumb luck, Beverly is defeated, but Fight-Man then tries to arrest Alex and Sandi. Sandi uses a bazooka to collapse a building on Fight-Man’s head and the two leave.

Full Summary: 

The first page gives a short synopsis of the last issue, this time told through the eyes of a cyborg while he is strangling Agent X, while it suddenly detects an approaching source of kinetic activity and heat. It starts to pray that it isn’t Fight-Man. Its prayers aren’t answered.

Fight-Man enters the kitchen and saves Alex by hitting everything in sight with the refrigerator. Fight-Man identifies Alex’s three opponents as Atomic Lou, the Plug-In Maniac and the Massive Globula. Alex tries to strangle the Globula while Fight-Man wants to punch it in the face. Too bad that Fight-Man’s fist goes straight through the Globula’s head with no effect on the Globula. Alex, on the other hand, is hit full in the face by the same punch. The Globula then throws them in the air and the Maniac starts to shoot missiles at them. Fight-Man starts to fight back: he destroys Atomic Lou’s control rod, without which Lou is about to explode. He then punches Lou into the Globula. Both are blown into the sky and explode. The Plug-In Maniac remains and he holds Alex hostage, thinking that he is the newest sidekick to Fight-Man (which would be no. 15 by the way). Alex tells the maniac that he is a bad robot, but Fight-Man’s actions are more efficient: he flies straight through the Maniac, leaving only his head intact.

Fight-Man picks up Alex out of the trashcan he landed into and both start to question the Plug-In Maniac, whose real name is Herschel. The cyborg replies that Sandi is kept in City Hall, but that Bev and Kenny have every operator in town against them. Alex, knowing that Bev is Frank’s ex-wife, asks who Kenny is. The Maniac replies that Kenny was Fight-Man’s first sidekick, who know has it going on with his.... At this point Frank destroys the Maniac’s brain and tells Alex not to believe the robot. He then tells Alex that they need to suit up because it’s going to be a big fight. Alex asks why they are flying away from the house then, since all the equipment is inside. Frank answers: ”Beer run.”

Some time later, Alex is equipped. Frank is disappointed that Alex doesn’t want to wear Fight-Boy’s costume. One of them, Tyrone, was tall enough, when he got his throat slit by Babe Ruthless. Alex replies that tights aren’t his style (and they still have blood on it). Grabbing the remains of the Maniac, Alex formulates a plan where he disguises as the Maniac and takes Fight-Man inside as ‘prisoner’. Fight-Man doesn’t like all the subterfuge, grabs Alex and flies off despite Alex’s claims that he is endangering Sandi. The neighbours see Fight-Man flying away and warn Channel Five. Moments later, all of Delta City is in complete panic, since Fight-Man seems to be back.

Inside City Hall, the mayor is panicking about Fight-Man’s return, but Bev and the Hooded Eye don’t seem to have any problems with it. Sandi tells them that Alex is just enthusiastic about his work, like they are going to find out. Bev tells her that Fight-Man doesn’t have an impressive track record when it comes to saving hostages: 3 saved, 12 killed. Another villain, the Roman Candle, corrects her: 13 killed; the last hostages were twins. The man holding Sandi, named the Shiv, tells him that he had to do it since Fight-Man called him a pansy. The mayor accuses Beverly of starting this disaster. Bev orders one of the henchmen, Mr. Density, to throw him out of the building through the window if he opens his mouth again.

Bev gives a quick motivation speech and most of the villains run out to stop Fight-Man and Agent X. The Shiv calls his wife/girlfriend to tell her that he’ll be home late, while Bev tells her worries to the Hooded Eye: the last time the only thing that stopped Fight-Man was a building dropping on his head. Kenny isn’t worried though and tells her that she will get an early birthday present. Bev asks Kenny and DoctOrangutan, an ape in a white coat, if it’s really true, since she has been waiting for this for so long. The ape confirms this: telling her that they need 5 subjects. The Hooded Eye rounds up five of the villains, while Bev is jumping with joy.

Alex and Fight-Man fly into the city and are under heavy fire, including exploding rubber chicken rockets, while Alex tells Frank that he is an idiot for taking the direct approach. Frank identifies their opponents and Alex tells him that they have to kill many stupid names today. At this point, Frank freaks out: he has a strict no-killing policy. Alex asks if maiming is okay. Fight-Man tells him that he can go for it, since it’s not like they can’t have fun with this.

While they make their way through the city, Alex and Frank keep on bickering. Alex wants to kill someone and Frank keeps forbidding it. The massive army of villains isn’t even slowing them down. Collateral damage is very high though. When they reach City Hall, Bev, Kenny, DoctOrangutan and five villains (including the Roman Candle and Mr. Density) have left the building and are in a van outside. The five villains and Bev all have metal helmets on their heads, which are connected to the machinery. One of the villains asks why Bev is there, since she has no superpowers. Bev replies that obviously he hasn’t seen her work her tongue, but the Hooded Eye asks her to be silent. DoctOrangutan answers the question by telling them that Bev is sort of the control for the experiment.

Outside, Alex has finally found the guy shooting the rubber chicken rockets. Frank remembers him, Slappy or something, and asks Alex to hit him again. Another Fight-Man villain, Metalhead, attacks him cannonball style, but Fight-Man punches him in the sky, telling him not to lead with his chin in the future. Blacklung, the Malady Man, tries to infect Alex with cancer, but Alex chops off his hands. At this points both are stunned by a terrible sound: Ill Billy, the mutant yodelling human beat box. To withstand the sonic attack, Alex asks Frank to rip of his ears and put them in the holes. He then works on Ill Billy with a baseball bat. Frank congratulates him on the maiming.

The two then notice Sandi sitting between a pile of dead villains, while holding a gun. Alex introduces Sandi. It turns out that they tried to kill her, but were stunned by Ill Billy’s sound. She then grabbed one of their guns and killed them all, including the mayor. Alex whispers to her not to talk too loud about killing around Frank. Frank asks if they also hear something funny. Alex, still without ears, replies that he hears everything funny at the moment. Sandi points towards the van and tells them that it might be about to blow. The van explodes and Alex and Sandi are thrown away by the blast.

Bev appears and tells Frank that she got her present from Kenny: super powers. She thanks Kenny and the Doctor and then incinerates them both with flame-breath. She then turns to Frank. Frank is using a car door as protection, while Sandi and Alex use Frank as cover. Alex tells Frank to attack her, but Frank can’t, he also has a code against hitting women. Bev shoots Frank right in the groin and Frank flies away, while burning. Alex shouts at Frank and calls him a coward. Bev is frustrated though: she forgot to add flight as a superpower. So she decides to kill Sandi and Alex instead. Alex and Sandi shoot her several times, but Bev didn’t forget invulnerability. Bev walks up to Alex and both try to hit her with all kinds of objects to no avail. Bev annoyed by Alex’s taunts, burns his stomach. Bev is about to finish them off when Metalhead lands on top of her, making a big hole in the pavement. Both seem to be out of the fight.

Frank lands behind them and tells Alex that he has to arrest them, since they are both assassins and therefore bad guys. He needs to arrest as many bad guys as he can to get a chance with the parole board. Alex can’t believe it, but Fight-Man tells him that he can’t stop him. Alex disagrees and grabs one of his own intestines and throws it in Frank’s face. Sandi then grabs Fight-Man’s half burned pants and rips them off. Embarrassed, Frank runs of to find pants. Sandi then grabs an exploding chicken rocket and fires it at the building behind Frank. Frank wonders who told them the building trick? Fight-Man is furious, but the building lands on top of him. Sandi and Alex walk away, while the firefighters start to work.

Characters Involved: 

Alex Hayden/Agent X (mercenary)

Sandi Brandenberg (secretary)

Frank Bigelow/ Fight-Man (ex-superhero)

Beverly Lacoco (Fight-man’s ex-wife)

The Hooded Eye / Kenny Liebman (costumed criminal, former Fight-Boy, sidekick of Fight-Man)
Atomic Lou, The Plug-In Maniac/Herschel, The Massive Globula, the Roman Candle the Shiv, Mr. Density, DoctOrangutan, The Plaid Bug, the All-New, All-Hate Squad, Crimeasaurus Rex, Metalhead, Blacklung the Malady Man, Ill Billy (enemies of Fight-Man.)

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