All-New X-Factor #9

Issue Date: 
August 2014
Story Title: 

Peter David (writer), Carmine di Giandomenico (artist), Lee Loughridge (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Kris Anka & Jared Fletcher (cover artists), Xander Jaroway (assistant editor), Jordan D. White (editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Returning from their trip to the Dakei estate in New Mexico, Harrison Snow berates Polaris for taking the team out on an unauthorized mission. At first, Snow seems to consider shutting down the team, but instead asks consideration from Lorna in the future for his input, consideration which she has to admit he has so far given her. Meanwhile, Georgia Dakei seems depressed about her uncertain future and rebuffs Cypher’s attempt to console her. When she then seems to warm up to Gambit, Cypher becomes greatly annoyed, calling him a shmuck. After returning to Serval HQ, Gambit decides to go off on his own for a night at the bar. There he meets and picks up an attractive blonde, unaware that she is Angela Snow, Serval Industries’ CEO Harrison Snow’s wife, who knows exactly who Gambit is. Meanwhile, Harrison gives Georgia a tour of Serval’s computer center, where she meets Dr. Anton Wexler. Through his normal, inconsiderate manner, Wexler informs Georgia via his acquired data that Scott Dakei is not his real father and that she is adopted. Though her true father is not known, her true mother lives in Minneapolis. Shocked at this news, Georgia convinces the group to take her there and Snow even provides his consent for Polaris to use the company jet. The next morning, as the group departs, Gambit is visited by Harrison’s assistant and secret lover, Linda Kwan, who is shocked to find Harrison’s wife in bed with Gambit. Pleased at her indiscretion having been discovered, Angela goes to take a shower, leaving Linda the job of explaining to the shocked Gambit as to who she really is. Arriving in Minneapolis, Polaris, Quicksilver and Cypher take Georgia to the house of her mother, Dakota Bennett, who is overjoyed at having been reunited with her daughter. Georgia prods her mother as to who her father is, but Dakota seems reluctant to talk about him. Unfortunately for all present, Dakota’s house has been under surveillance for years by Georgia’s father, who was informed immediately upon Georgia’s return. Without warning, Georgia’s father uses his powers to rip the house apart and kidnap his daughter. He takes but a moment to introduce himself as Memento Mori before he erupts the house in flames and flies away with his daughter.

Full Summary: 

Now awake, a woman sits up in her bed and stretches. This done, she moves to the edge of her bed and begins to pull the long shirt in which she slept over her head. C’mon, turn around, a voice pleads, as he watches this on his monitor screen. Turn around.

Immediately, a hand covers the increasingly naked woman. Dude, the owner of the voice states. Seriously? After all these years, he still gets off on it? Admit it, Mac, the man watching the woman replies. They have the most boring job in the world. They should be able to find their amusements where they can. To this, Mac replies that he’s just glad they don’t have cameras in the bathroom. Changing the subject, Mac asks his coworker if he has anything hoppin’ today, to which the coworker frowns that he and the missus are supposed to go furniture shopping.

Mac begins to mock him, but the monitor watcher interrupts, declaring something he sees on one of his many screens to be interesting. Looks like she has visitors. Kind of early for visitors. Seeing a small group of two men, a woman and a young girl, he asks Mac who he thinks they are. No idea, Mac replies. The woman looks kinda familiar and… His voice trails for a moment and then Mac mutters a curse. The guy with the silver hair, he announces, that’s Quicksilver.

Seeing the woman they are monitoring reeling in shock at something she was just told, Mac orders the volume raised. Now audible, the young girl notes that she knows this must be kind of hard on her, and if she wants her to go, she can just… She means… The young girl is interrupted as the woman drops to her knees and takes the young girl in her arms. My little girl! the woman proclaims.

Watching this from their station, Mac curses. Contact the boss, he is ordered. Now. Abso-freaking-lutely, Mac replies.

(fourteen hours earlier)
On the Serval jet, Harrison Snow leans into Lorna’s face, telling her she has some nerve. Overly calm, given the situation, she begins to reply that she’s sorry, but Snow interrupts. No, he doesn’t really think she is. Sitting back down in his chair on the other side of the desk between them, Snow reminds Lorna that she took the team on an unauthorized outing to New Mexico because he believed that a young girl was in trouble. Lorna points out that they weren’t in uniform, but Snow reminds her that they took the company plane. Nobody saw it, she defends.

Snow begins to curse, but Lorna presses. She was in trouble! To this, Snow replies that she didn’t want to leave her home, to which Lorna corrects that they thought she was in trouble. Apparently they thought wrong, he informs her. Fine, she admits. They thought wrong. He wants to fire her? Just shut the team down? Glancing away Snow replies that he’s considering it. Dumbfounded, Lorna asks if he is. For a few moments, Harrison Snow considers in silence. Finally, he replies no, of course not and asks Lorna to sit down, please.

Leaning forward, resting his elbows on his desk, Snow tells Lorna that he wants her to lead with her conscience. He does. And he thinks she’ll be impressed with how much latitude he gives her. All he’s asking is that when she wants to embark on an… endeavor, she ask him beforehand. Allow him to present his opinion. Has he done anything that makes her believe he’s not entitled to that consideration? When Lorna sheepishly mutters “no,” Snow replies with a “good.” Continuing, he asks that he please extend it to him in the future. And he will always be there to help her. Just as he was in this case.

Speaking of which, Lorna voices, how did he show up to help them? How’d he get there? And what did he say to Scott Dakei that made him turn over his daughter to them. Rising from his chair, Snow replies “matter transporter.” Asked if he seriously has one, Snow replies “maybe.” And what about the other thing, Lorna reminds him. What he said to Dakei? Snow asks. Come, come, Lorna he replies as he walks to the door. He should be allowed to have some secrets.

Elsewhere on the jet, Georgia Dakei looks out of her window in silence. Asked if she’s okay, she replies that she’s fine. Asked really, she asks back to Cypher, why wouldn’t she be? She means, some people she doesn’t know came on their own to rescue her when she didn’t ask to be rescued… and her father turned her over to them. She doesn’t know where she’s living or going to school or anything. Otherwise, she’s great.

Sheepishly, Cypher sits down next to her on the couch and tries to search for the right words to say, but Georgia interrupts, asking if his name is Doug, right? Told right, Georgia suggests how about he doesn’t, okay? Whatever he’s gonna say, or excuses, or whatever… how about he just doesn’t. She really doesn’t feel like hearing it right now. Maybe later, but not now, okay? Again sheepishly, Cypher stammers a sure and okay. That’s uh… that’s fine. Standing up and walking away, he adds that he’ll just go. That’s good, Georgia replies, returning her attention to the sky outside her window.

Georgia’s solitude is short-lived, as she is soon interrupted by Danger, who informs Georgia that she should not blame Doug for her unhappiness. When Georgia replies that she’s not, Danger retorts that that is a lie. It’s really not, Georgia defends, to which Danger counters that it really is. Asked how she knows, Danger explains that she is capable of monitoring human biological readings. It is how she makes adjustments in providing physical challenges. Well, that’s handy, Georgia admits.

When she then asks why she shouldn’t blame Doug, if she doesn’t mind her asking, Danger replies that no she doesn’t. He saw the computer messages she sent out. He believed her to be unhappy and in need of rescue. It was not an unreasonable interpretation. When Georgia asks how does she know it wasn’t unreasonable, Danger explains that her father let her go. If she did not believe herself in need of rescue, that much should have informed her that she was wrong. Grimacing, Georgia informs Danger that she really needs her to go away now. All right, Danger replies, doing as requested.

Elsewhere in the cabin, Gambit sits alone, examining his cards and musing over their odd mission. No super villain, no trying to save the world, he thinks. Some guys with guns, that’s all. He then considers that they suddenly they have another student to send to the Jean Grey School. Which he guesses is okay. Although, he wonders if maybe they should try ta keep her with them. He means, he feels like she’s their responsibility. They took her out of her home. They’re flying her to Virginia. And they’re doing this out of… what? The goodness of their hearts? The whole thing is screwier by the moment. He feels like maybe they should just turn around and bring her back home. Make her sort out whatever the hell is going on with her and her father.

By the time the jet lands in Virginia, Gambit has decided to speak with Polaris as soon as their back at HQ. Gambit’s musings are interrupted mid-thought as Georgia calls out to him. He’s “Gambit,” right? Startled slightly, Gambit replies that he is. Is there something she needs? Unsure of herself at first, Georgia suddenly leaps at him, wrapping her arms around the startled Gambit. Thank you, she tells him. Thank you for everything. Stammering, Gambit offers a “you’re welcome,” after which he offers to allow her to go first. Thanks, she replies, leaping from his arms and bounding down the stairs to the tarmac. Smiling as he watches, Gambit turns to Cypher, who quickly calls him a shmuck and knocks Gambit’s shoulder as he passes.

While the rest of the team takes Georgia Dakei into Serval Industries HQ, Gambit decides to go his own path. Uncaring as to why Doug suddenly seems pissed at him, he visits a local bar for a drink and wonders to himself once again if he should be on this team. Hell, if he should be on any team. He could always just retire ta the thieves’ guild. He’s still their leader. Maybe that would be better for him. It would…

Gambit’s private musings are interrupted by a “hey there.” Directing his attention to the one asking, Gambit offers his own “hey,” and asks how it’s going. “Is this seat taken?” Angela Snow, wife of Harrison Snow asks. Unaware of her being anything other than a blonde in a red dress with a plunging neckline, Gambit replies in the negative. Not at all. Her name’s Angela, she tells him. Remy, he replies. Remy, she repeats. Interesting name. Well, he’s an interesting guy, he smiles. Would she like a drink? Scotch, neat, she replies, at which point Remy officially orders it from the bartender.

So, what does he do for a living, Angela coyly asks. Well, believe it or not, he smiles, he’s a super hero. Really! Angela asks. That sounds so exciting. What’s his super-power? He’s irresistible ta woman, he quips. My, my, Angela smiles, taking the glass the bartender places in front of her. It seems to her that his power is being used in full force. Asked how it is going, she replies, so far, wonderfully. All smiles as his blonde companion downs her drink, Gambit waves to the bartender, asking for another.

In the bowels of Serval’s HQ, Georgia Dakei is wide-eyed at the cavernous room containing the company’s servers. This is their computer center?! She’s never seen anything like it! Leading her, Cypher and Polaris into the control room, Harrison Snow replies that they’re rather pleased with it. This way. The doors to the control center slide open revealing a room dominated by center column with a chair and console atop it, on which sits Dr. Anton Wexler. Calling to the doctor, Snow notes that he’s working late, isn’t he? He told him, Wexler replies, he’s in there 24/7. Which of those numbers did he not get? Ignoring the slight, Snow begins to introduce Georgia, but Wexler is already down from his column and is at Georgia, telling Snow not to tell him. He wants to try an experiment. Grasping the wrist of the confused young girl, Wexler takes the girl’s hand and places it on a surface, which illuminates at her touch. She replies that she doesn’t understand, to which Wexler replies that they rarely do. That’s what makes it so exciting around there.

Georgia begins to object but suddenly recoils in pain, announcing that it bit her. It pinched her, Wexler corrects, then telling her not to exaggerate. Georgia begins to ask why, only for Dr. Wexler to point to a large monitor serving as a chamber wall, in the process addressing her by name. Asked how he knew it, Wexler explains DNA. He installed an analyzer into his baby. Looking up to where Wexler pointed, Georgia sees the main screen is filled with biographical information about her. Georgia Dakei, Dr. Wexler reads. Born fifteen years, six months and three days ago. Records list father as unknown, mother as Dakota Bennett. Currently residing in Minneapolis…

Wexler’s report is interrupted by Georgia, who declares the information ridiculous. Her mother was Tammy Dakei. She died in childbirth. When Wexler replies with a “nope,” Georgia asks what he means. It’s like “yup” but the opposite, he explains. Georgia begins to protest, but Dr. Wexler continues. Tammy and Scott Dakei adopted her the day after she was born, he explains. Tammy died in a car crash six months later. But her mother’s in Minneapolis, like he said. Wide-eyed in disbelief, Georgia asks that she was adopted? Her father never told her? Polaris asks. Does it sound like he told her? Georgia rejoins. Not so much, no, Polaris admits.

Overcome, Georgia begin to faint, but is luckily caught by Lorna, who calls for a chair. Georgia replies that she doesn’t need one, but is told they’ll have to disagree with her on that. A moment later, Georgia is sat in a chair and announces that she doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry. Play it safe, Lorna tells her. Do both. He wasn’t her father, she voices. He was never her father. Interjecting, Snow reminds her that he loved her like a father… He gave her over to him!! Georgia explodes. To this, Snow quips that he didn’t say “like a good father.”

Her thoughts returning to her real mother, Georgia announces that she wants to see her. When Lorna tells her she doesn’t think that’s wise, Georgia bluntly replies that she has to take her to her. Again Lorna begins to protest, but is interrupted by Quicksilver, who voices that that’s an excellent idea. Scowling at her brother, Polaris remarks that nobody asked him. Technically, he points out, no one asked her either. Again, Lorna begins to protest, but Quicksilver orders her to listen to him. If anyone should be aware of what it’s like to grow up with no parents, it’s them. Her mother and her husband died when she was a child. And their father, well… The less said, the better. This girl has at least a prayer of connecting with her birth mother. Granted it’s possible nothing good will come of it. But something wonderful might. Considering how much they’ve disrupted her life already, he thinks they owe it to her to give her a chance to make things right. So, he continues, he suggests they bring her there. Either that or, having already looked at her address on the screen, he could just pick Georgia up and run out of there. Have her in Minneapolis within minutes. Polaris’ call.

Hearing this, Georgia runs up to Quicksilver, asking if he could do that. When he confirms he could, she declares him to be the greatest super hero ever. He’s worked hard to become so, he tells her. Defeated, Polaris asks Snow if they can take the plane to Minneapolis tomorrow morning. With a smile, Snow replies that he can’t see why not. Ecstatic, Georgia leaps into Quicksilver’s arms, declaring him terrific. As Georgia then replicates the expression of gratitude to Polaris, Cypher purposefully and forcefully bumps into Quicksilver, calling him a shmuck.

The next morning, Gambit and Angela Snow lie naked in bed, playing with Gambit’s three cats. Purring herself, Angela announces that she loves mornings like these. Watching as one cat plays with her hand, Gambit tells Angela that he has to admit that he didn’t see the night windin’ up like this. She hopes he had a good time, she says, to which Gambit replies that he did. Believe him.

Suddenly the door to Gambit’s bedroom cracks, with a voice on the other side voicing that he wanted to be reminded about the 9:30 planning meeting. Recognizing the voice as belonging to Linda Kwan, Gambit says hello, which Linda takes as an invitation to enter. Once through the door, she is shocked to find herself greeted by Angela Snow, who tells Linda that it’s so lovely to see her again. Grabbing a bedsheet, Angela rises and goes to the bathroom, announcing that she’s just going to grab a quick shower. Innocently, Gambit tells her to go ahead.

Once Angela has left, Gambit asks Linda if she knows her. Ohhh yeah, Linda manages to admit. A few years now. Asked if she works there, Linda replies not exactly. She’s Mr. Snow’s wife.

At the front door of her home in Minneapolis and clad in her bathrobe, Dakota Bennett tries to understand what she has just been told. This is her daughter, Lorna informs her. Her name is Georgia and they understand she gave her up for adoption fifteen years ago. Interjecting, Quicksilver notes that they’re not trying to put any pressure on her, she understands…

Speaking for herself, Georgia tells her mother that she knows this must be kind of hard on her, and if she wants her to go, she can just… She means… The young girl is interrupted as Dakota drops to her knees and takes the young girl in her arms. My little girl! the woman proclaims. Oh God. Oh. My. God. Clutching her tightly, Dakota weeps that not a day went by when she didn’t think of her. Not a single day. Near tears herself, Georgia asks why? Why did she…?

Releasing her daughter, Dakota looks at her through tear-filled eyes. She was a teenager, she explains. She could barely take care of herself! Even so, she still wrestled with it right until the end! Asked if she knew who she was adopted by, Dakota replies no She had no idea! The file was sealed. Moving to her feet, Dakota takes Lorna’s hand into hers and informs her that she’s obviously done a great job of raising her. Lorna instinctively begins to accept the compliment, but stops herself. They’re not her parents, Quicksilver explains. They’re… friends.

Apologizing, Dakota opens her front door and invites them all in. She doesn’t have much, she tells them, but they’re welcome to whatever’s there. Inside, Lorna compliments her on her house. It’s so… normal. It’s not bad, Dakota replies, clutching her bathrobe to keep it closed. Her husband left it to her. Asked by Georgia if she means her father, Dakota replies no. She married him several years later. He died last year of brain cancer. Hearing this, Georgia offers her condolences but then asks who was her father. Casting her hers downward, Dakota suggests that they not talk about him.

OH NO. LET’S DO. a voice booms as the normal house comes apart around them all. From above, a man in a white suit crackles with energy notes that she came back. Finally. It’s been worth watching her all this time, he tells Dakota. He’ll take his daughter now. As Georgia begins to float upward toward the suited man, Dakota becomes incensed, yelling for him to get away from her.

Below, having recovered from the initial attack, Polaris tells the man that he doesn’t know who the hell he is, but… Before she can act, Polaris finds herself caught in the shrapnel of another of the man’s attack. His name… his fighting name, the man corrects, is Memento Mori. They haven’t heard of him because he’s kept it that way. But in the future… he assures them they’ll be hearing more. With that, Memento Mori flies away, holding his daughter, while what is left of the house explodes in a fireball.


Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver (all X-Factor)


Georgia Dakei

Dakota Bennett


Memento Mori



Surveillance guy (unnamed)



Cypher, Danger, Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver (all X-Factor)


Harrison Snow

Angela Snow

Linda Kwan


Dr. Anton Wexler

Wexler’s assistants

Bar patrons


(on monitor)

Dakota Bennett

Georgia Dakei

Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver (all X-Factor)

Story Notes: 

Angela orders “scotch, neat” but clearly receives a drink with ice in it. “On the rocks” refers to an alcoholic beverage with ice, while “neat” refers to a drink without.

Angela is clearly sleeping with Gambit in order to gain revenge against her husband, after deducing that he is having an affair with Linda Kwan. [All-New X-Factor #5]

Memento Mori is Latin for “remember that you will die”.

Written By: