All-New X-Men (1st series) #35

Issue Date: 
March 2015
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Mahmud Asrar (artist), Marte Gracia (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Sara Pichelli & Marte Gracia (cover artists), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

At Xavier’s, the two Jean Greys manage to locate the other X-Men from Earth 616 with Cerebro. Jean, Miles and the X-Men leave to gather them. They find a desperate X-23, along with Angel and Jimmy Hudson, at the former Weapon X facility and Iceman in Atlanta still having trouble with the cops. Beast is a little harder, as he is in Latveria under Dr. Doom’s mind control. Alerted to the X-Men’s plane, Doom plans to shoot it down. Jean telepathically frees Beast from Doom’s mind control and Beast prevents Doom from shooting them down. Nevertheless, once they land they are quickly beset by Doombots and are overcome by n explosion.

Full Summary: 

The X-Men from two universes and Miles Morales aka Spider-Man battle Dr. Doom’s doom-bots. Today did not turn out like he thought at all, young Iceman sigs. His counterpart agrees.

Rogue helps out Spider-Man, who thanks her, calling her “Rock.” She corrects his pronunciation. Angel praises Iceman for destroying that doom-bot, then realizes it was the Ultimate Iceman. No wonder he did so well.

Older Jean’s upper arm is hurt by a Doom-bot’s blast. X-23 and Spider-Man fight back to back as more robots come.

Young Jean tries to help her injured counterpart and Spider-Man attacks the real Doom, who blasts him.

Hours earlier:
In the Cerebro chamber at Xavier’s school, the two Jeans see a global map with mutant lights and a few different lights which they figure are Marvel Girl’s friends. In the middle is a sigil-like energy shape that engulfs everything. Marvel Girl figures that’s the girl who sent them here. She is extremely relieved and the older Jean realizes she really blamed herself for this. She offers her team’s help.

In Latveria, Dr. Doom has taken his prisoner Beast to a lab where he will do his work. He reminds Hank that he controls him chemically. He cannot do anything Doom doesn’t want him to. Die in a fire, Hank tells him. Doom points out he needs Hank but, if he keeps up this kind of talk, he will find a way to hurt his loved ones. He wants to see the multiverse and meet his other selves. Hank tells him he can’t do it. That’s why he is here, Doom remarks. Together they will turn this broken time cube into a dimensional portal.

X-23 runs out of the Weapon X facility, screaming in rage. While Jimmy Hudson and Angel watch her, she rants angrily. Why can’t they ever find a world better than theirs, something to aspire to?

Is she gonna make snow angels all day or does she want to get out of here? a voice asks. She looks up to see two Jeans floating above her. Look at that, Laura is actually happy to see her, Jean jokes. Except there’s two of her. Oh, he sees it too? Angel asks.

Soon they are in the X-Jet. Older Jean tries to explain, during which Rogue gets a shock on seeing Angel, since their version died. Older Jean asks Storm if she should fly, but Storm doesn’t want to go back to the others. Seeing Warren hurts too much. Jean jokingly suggests they keep this one.

Did they say he is dead here? Angel angsts before he sees Kitty and addresses her as “professor.” Kitty is flattered she is a teacher in the other world, then tries to comfort Angel about his dead alter ego, not doing a very good job.

Oh come on, Iceman sighs disgustedly after having Googled himself and finding out where the other Iceman is.

Young Iceman is still in Atlanta chased by a police helicopter and cars and losing his ice-form due to the heat. He swears while a curious crowd gathers. Nighttime and it’s still hundred eleven degrees?

The police catch up. Armed cops order him to get to the ground. Bobby asks the crowd for water and is offered a beer. Alcohol doesn’t really help, he replies.

The cops threaten to open fire on the count of three. Suddenly it gets very cold. Bobby realizes it isn’t him but it gives him the chance to ice up. The cops fire, not caring about the bystanders. Bobby covers them all with an iceshield. Cease fire, a captain orders.

Storm lands and it becomes clear who helped Bobby out. She tells him to come. They have more mutants to rescue, and hopefully it will be as easy as this was.

Hanging down from the ceiling, Beast writes down what he knows about the timeline of the universe he comes from, much to Dr. Doom’s pleasure. A Doombot informs the villain that Latverian airspace was entered by an unregistered aircraft.

Doom puts the image on the screen and loudly assumes those are McCoy’s X-Men. He wonders how they found him. Hank replies they must have found a Cerebro. After he explains what that is, Doom orders him to later draw him the schematics for that as well when he has finished his time map.

Doom next gives orders to destroy the plane. Hank begs him not to do this, offering to do anything. He already does anything, Doom replies and gives the order.

Aboard the jet, young Iceman sulks that his older alter ego has refused to talk to him. Angrily, the older Iceman tells him that he has made him look like a bad guy. Now he can never go to Atlanta. And for that he is welcome, Bobby shoots back.

Young Jean grins that Bobby is as much annoyed by himself as he annoys her. Kitty finds that hilarious and both Icemen are insulted.

An alert goes off, warning them the plane has been spotted. Marvel Girl tries to telepathically connect to Beast, who informs her of what’s going on. Jean informs the others that Dr. Doom has him. Do not try to psychically manipulate him, older Jean warns. They have a Dr. Doom too? Angel asks. Older Jean explains that he is actually called Victor van Damme.

Storm interrupts and orders them to take their seats. Young Jean asks Hank to allow her control of his mind and body. She might be able to overpower Doom’s mind control with her own. He groans. Older Jean backs her up.

Doom gets ready to give the order when Beast jumps at him.

The plane lands and they leave while Hank tries to get past the Doombots. Doom orders them to incinerate all mutants. That moment, Miles is hit. An explosion follows.

Characters Involved: 

From Earth 616:
Angel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl, X-23 (all X-Men)

In the Ultimate Universe:
Firestar, Iceman, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine II (all X-Men)
Spider-Man II

Dr. Doom


Story Notes: 

Ultimate Angel died during Ultimatum.

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