Bishop : The Last X-Man #13

Issue Date: 
October 2000
Story Title: 
The Chronowar: Act 2: Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Joseph Harris (writer), Georges Jeanty (pencils), Thibert, Green, Milgrom, Elmer & Cannon (inks), Jon Babcock (letters), Mike Marts (editor), Jason Wright (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Fitzroy walks into Bishop’s cell, where he tortures his beaten enemy by prying with his recent victories. And, Fitzroy has another thing to torture Bishop with: he has captured Michael! Bishop begs Fitzroy to let Michael go, but he refuses. Michael himself bites into th hand of Fitzroy, who then screams in pain, giving the boy the chance to escape. Fitzroy angrily leaves the cell, and has another idea to torture Bishop. He has also captured Bishop’s Morlock guide: Tracker. Fitzroy opens time portals around Tracker’s body, which tear him apart piece by piece – literally. Outside, the Chronotroopers continue to fight against Bishop’s army. They capture Scorch and the half-dead Jinx, who doesn’t move. Scorch becomes angry and wants to fight the troopers again, and unexpectedly gains the aid of Kinlan and the other Kith! Together, they bravely fight back and destroy some of the troopers. Back inside, Link has a talk with the still-disoriented Shard, who reveals a bit more about what Fitzroy is planning to do. Link doesn’t have enough time to rescue her, as she thinks it’s more important to rescue Bishop first. Meanwhile, Fitzroy goes outside of his keep, where he opens a portal and is ready to become a god. Link takes advantage of this to free Bishop and they are then joined by Michael, who hadn’t run that far away. Bishop orders Link to go warn the others about what’s going on, while he’ll go after Fitzroy once last time. Fitzroy is confronted with the Watcher, who Trevor believes is there to witness what the important thing he’s going to do. On that moment, Bishop makes it outside, and is immediately ready to face his long-time foe.

Full Summary: 

The state of the future:

The man known as Trevor Fitzroy had come to this timeline with one goal in mind: to rule. Fueled with years of madness, ambition and contempt, Fitzroy searched for and found a place far, far in the future without the means to resist him. It was a world without heroes. It was a world without X-Men. It was a world without Bishop... and that would make all the difference. Or so he thought.

Bishop soon followed Fitzroy. Fueled by his own contempt for the madman who now called himself the Chronomancer, the last X-Man assembled a group of mutant heroes... and marched them straight to Fitzroy’s front door! But Fitzroy was waiting. And with him, waited death. Humans and villains fought valiantly – together perhaps the first time in history. It should have been glorious. But Fitzroy had spent a lifetime scheming and plotting the many ways he would destroy Bishop, given the chance. To kill him would never be enough. No... Fitzroy had to break Bishop. He had to peel away everything his longtime enemy held dear until there was nothing left. And then, only then, would Fitzroy show his true intention. He seeks to become a god... and he used Bishop’s sister, Shard, to get there. And now, Bishop lies in chains. Broken... beaten... and betrayed.

Outside, men scream... hundreds of anguished voices raised into one wholly beautiful sound as they get killed by Fitzroy’s Chronotroopers. Fitzroy looks from his window at the war he caused. And he’s glad everyone knows he’s responsible. They hate him for it, and even more... fear him. And he sees that as a good thing. Because Fitzroy believes he has certainly earned that fear. Fitzroy walks away from the window, and puts a big sand glass upside down. He walks passed some Chronotroopers, realizing they are waiting to follow him. Fitzroy recalls that he has animated the troopers with growing powers even he doesn’t fully understand. Still, the Chrontroopers remain one of his greatest creations since he came to this timeline. Fitzroy orders the troopers to stay where they are, and they obey. Fitzroy thinks the troopers almost love him.

Fitzroy walks by a corpse of a man he killed earlier. He walks down some stairs next. Fitzroy remembers that for his entire life, he has been a laughing stock. He was always fighting for control, only to run away when the fight proved to be too great. He was never big enough to be respected. He was never strong enough to be feared, let alone loved. But time, as they say, heals all. Fitzroy is no longer the man he once was. And now, he shall show them all! He opens a door, which leads into the cell where he holds Bishop captive. Fitzroy mocks him, and jokes he’s in the presence of greatness. He mocks Bishop that he’s the last of the X-Men in a world that has all but forgotten them! Fitzroy smiles, telling Bishop he has company. Fitzroy pushes someone forward, who is revealed to be... Michael?!

As Bishop looks on, stunned, Fitzroy tells him that he really must put a little more thought into who he lets follow him. After all, the tunnels below the castle are dangerous. And being discovered in them is even more dangerous. A beaten and battered Michael apologizes to Bishop, as he just wanted to check if he was okay. Fitzroy declares that Michael is a good boy. He followed Bishop, determined... but the kid’s terrified now. Fitzroy tells Michael that Bishop created him. He knows Bishop thinks it’s because he let him run free all these years, but it goes deeper than that. Fitzroy tells Bishop he must really value such devotion. He’s certain Bishop told the child not to follow him into the tunnels beneath his keep. Surely Bishop must have told the child about the danger of following his greatest enemy.

Michael admits to Bishop he’s afraid. Bishop begs Fitzroy not to do this. Fitzroy’s hand starts to glow, and he wants use his powers slowly to kill Michael, because he’s certainly not in a hurry. Fitzroy powers down and asks Michael if he wants to hear a story. It’s about two old friends. He mocks Bishop he already heard this story. So, he asks him not to ruin it for first timers.

Fitzroy reveals that once there were two old friends. One of the two grew into a great man. He became a leader, a champion of justice and was loved by many. The other became a laughing stock... always trying to scheme and connive his way to the top. In time, the two became enemies. And the first of the two friends pursued his former comrade, seeing him as a threat to the good which he represented. But later, the hero grew tired of the chase, and had found new causes to fight for. And he no longer took his old friend serious.

Fitzroy again charges up his hand and places it close to Michael’s face, which scares the boy. With a shocked Bishop watching, Fitzroy continues to tell the story, saying that, so, the hero’s old friend was left to grow stronger... so much stronger. Bishop tries to break free from his chains and begs Bishop to let the boy go. Fitzroy smiles he won’t, because it hurts Bishop. He never would have thought he’d find such beautiful ways to hurt his old friend. Michael bites Fitzroy in his hand, and the Chronomancer screams in pain. As Michael runs away, Fitzroy, who is too hurt to follow him, se shouts after Michael that he’d better run, and see where it takes him. He’ll soon show him what he’s capable of, and that the time for running is long past! Fitzroy exits Bishop’s cell, leaving him behind alone and still chained.


Bishop’s forces lie shattered, with lots of people having been killed by the Chronotroopers. The troopers have captured Scorch and the half-dead Jinx. They inform Scorch that their creator have plans for him. They notice that Jinx has stopped walking, and order Scorch to drag her or else they’ll leave her behind. Scorch angrily flames on, warning the troopers to treat Jinx with respect. Suddenly, huge black wings take out the Chronotroopers before Scorch can act. As he begs his new companion to help save Jinx, Scorch looks up, and is stunned to recognize... Kinlan Karth Kith! Kinlan recognizes Scorch and that he follows Bishop, and compliments him that his hardship is great. Kinlan wants Scorch to inform his other allies about his arrival.

At the keep...

Fitzroy opens a new cell door, and finds a frozen-in-time Tracker, just as he left the poor Morlock. Fitzroy looks at Tracker, thinking he should thank Bishop, as it was Tracker who led him through the tunnels. It was Tracker who led Bishop to Fitzroy. He wonders if the Morlock knew what he was getting himself into. Fitzroy wonders if Bishop told Tracker how his enemy’s powers work, and how he opens portals and travels through time and space. He wonders if Tracker knows how Bishop has been chasing him all this time. He allows Tracker to speak for a moment, and Tracker can only say, “Windrider watch over us...”

Fitzroy doesn’t understand how Bishop could have stopped him years ago, but didn’t because Bishop didn’t take him seriously enough. Fitzroy opens a portal around Tracker’s arm, snaps his fingers and then the portal closes around it! Tracker screams from pain. Bishop can hear the screams in his cell, and begs Fitzroy not to do this. Fitzroy, realizing that Bishop must be listening, admits he has this to say about his Morlock guide: his reach is no longer than his grasp! Fitzroy next says that Tracker’s feet followed suit. Piece by piece to the four corners of the globe, Fitzroy is scattering him. Bishop again begs Fitzroy not to do this, but Fitzroy ignores that. He shouts that the Morlocks live in caves there, and calls them filthy creatures. He gtoats that Tracker should be thankful, joking that who of Tracker’s people could ever travel around the world?

Fitzroy shouts at Bishop that he’s part of the X-Men... a legend... a martyr... and he even led an army to this keep. And yet, he managed to beat him, and Bishop failed. Bishop asks Fitzroy to torture him, and not others, if he wants him so badly. Fitzroy coldly replies that he’s done torturing Bishop. He asks Bishop if more is what he really wants.


Shard lies in shackles on the floor, and hears someone approaching her. She calls out, asking who it is. A moment later, Link telepathically contacts Shard, explaining to her that, even though the stasis keeps her silent, Link still knows Shard’s thoughts. She knows Shard realizes the Chronomancer deceived her. And now, he has her brother, Bishop. Link promises she’ll try to free Bishop, but first she wants Shard to tell her everything she knows. Link enters the room and shows Shard the X-mark on her eye, wanting to make it clear that she follows Bishop. Link knows Shard betrayed him. Shard looks doubtful.

Almost without breath left, Shard tells Link she can speak. She reveals that Fitzroy has finally begun to make her flesh again. He no longer needs to stop time around her, to keep her where he wants her. Shard warns Link she has to stop Fitzroy, then revealing that Fitzroy has unlocked something within himself. He has found a way to go beyond his flesh. Fitzroy seeks to become... time itself. She learned that everything there works because of Fitzroy. His power fuels it all. Fitzroy seeks to become... a god. However, Shard is confident that, at the moment of his transformation, Fitzroy will be at his weakest.

Shard asks for Link’s name, and she introduces herself. Shard thinks Link is a mutant, and that she’s part of an army Bishop is leading. She laughs, admitting she always knew Bishop had it in him. She asks Link to tell Bishop that she’s sorry and Link promises she will. She believes it’s too risky to try to free Shard now but, assuming they all live long enough, she tells Shard she can tell her brother that herself. She leaves the cell and slams the door shut behind her.


Fitzroy shows Bishop a sand glass, and tells him he only wants what he deserves. He thinks he should be callous, but here he stands at the brink of godhood, still caring about what everyone thinks of him. Once, he wanted to be loved. Now, he has settled for being feared. He wants Bishop to fear him. He wants Bishop to pledge himself to him, and to tell his people to do the same. Then, Fitzroy wants Bishop to bow before him, and finally give him the respect he deserves. Bishop displays an angry look on his face, and spits on Fitzroy’s shoes! Fitzroy becomes furious and slams the hourglass on Bishop’s head, shattering it. Afterward, Fitzroy leaves, coldly answering that Bishop can have it his way if he wants to, but he’ll still take what he isn’t given. And, he promises Bishop... he will bow!

Once Fitzroy is gone, Michael appears behind a corner and enters Bishop’s cell. He quietly whispers to Bishop, but he doesn’t answers.


Holding Jinx in his arms, Scorch explains to Kinlan that he doesn’t know what happened to the others, but wants to retreat if Bishop is lost. Kinlan promises Bishop still lives. He and the other Kith can sense him, and while Bishop lives, they shall fight. He tells Scorch to go, and to inform the others that the Kith have arrived to help. While soft and fragile, humans and mutants have nothing to fear from them. Kinlan flies away, with his fellow Kith flying behind him. Kinlan proclaims that all debts be repaid, and so this battle is joined! The Kith all attack the remaining Chronotroopers together, quickly destroying some of them. Jinx looks at Scorch without saying a word. Scorch admits it’s quite a web Bishop has woven, but it’s also quite a war he has brought.


Fitzroy has left his castle, and walks into the snow plains around which he has built his keep. Out there, only the strong survive. Fitzroy wants to make sure everyone will know that. He’ll show them. He makes a circle with his boots, and goes to stand in it. A moment later, Fitzroy’s energy starts to flow around his entire body.

Inside the castle...

Michael, in tears, tells Bishop it’s him. He admits he thought he could help, so he followed Bishop into the tunnels under the keep and got caught. But then he saw things down there. He saw how the Chronotroopers run on Fitzroy’s power. Michael discovered Fitzroy has a whole operation down there and is certain that, if Bishop stops Fitzroy, he’ll stop everything. But if Bishop won’t do that, Fitzroy will only get stronger, and Michael hopes Bishop is okay. Bishop coughs, and compliments Michael he has done well. Michael hugs him.

Link enters the cell as well, saying that reunions are joyous, but they hardly have the time for it. Michael warns Link they have to get out of there, but wonders how they’ll get Bishop out of the chains. Link admits that, at times, she forgets the life she and the others led before he and Bishop came to this time. They were thieving, robbing and going places they didn’t belong. She takes out a key from her necklace, and jokes that locks are like obstacles, and they are no longer strangers to obstacles. Once free, Bishop coughs a few times, and then orders Link to get Michael out of there, warn the others and to take the keep! He’ll be going after Fitzroy... one last time.


Lots of energy flows out of Fitzroy now. He shouts that earth and sky, time and space shall hear him and heed his call. He’ll come to them in defiance and declares to leave in victory. He opens a huge portal, but stops to think for a moment. Trevor realizes that only loneliness meets a man on the verge of godhood. He wishes that he could share this moment with someone who could understand what he’s about to do. A shadow appears over Fitzroy. He turns around, and recognizes the person behind him... the Watcher! Fitzroy knows it’s only natural the Watcher is there, as that’s his purpose. When grand things happen, the Watcher is there to observe them. Trevor knows who he is. Fitzroy demands that the silent Watcher says something to him, as he deserves acknowledgement.

A voice asks Trevor to look behind him, if it’s acknowledgement he wants. He can give it to him. Fitzroy does as told, and finds an angry Bishop looking at him!

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Jinx, Link, Michael, Scorch

Chronomancer (Trevor Fitzroy)


Tracker (a Morlock)


Kinlan Karth Kith

The Watcher (Uatu)

Bishop’s refugee army (all unnamed)

various Kith (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

More about Bishop’s adventures with the Kith can be found throughout Bishop: the Last X-Man #4-6.

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