Bishop : The Last X-Man #2

Issue Date: 
November 1999
Story Title: 
Wish You Were Here

Joseph Harris (Writer), Georges Jeanty (Penciler), Art Thibert with Allen Martinez (Inkers), Jon Babcock (Letterer), Jason Wright (Color), Jason Liebig (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

Bishop wakes up in a refugee camp, where he is about to be tortured by Scorch, who thinks he works for the Chronomancer. The Witness of all people intervenes and reveals to Bishop that the Chronomancer is Fitzroy and cryptically tells Bishop that he has come to this time period to stop Fitzroy once and for all. Bishop is confused as to what is happening and Scorch is skeptical that he is Bishop from the X-Men legends, though Link, a telepath, is able to confirm that Bishop is who he is. Jinx takes an immediate liking towards Bishop and gives him a tour of the camp, informing him that all of these people are there because the Chronomancer and his Chronotroopers took everything they had. Scorch is angry to learn that Bishop knows the Chronomancer and asks why he didn’t stop the man when he had the chance. The two get into a fight that looks grim for Bishop, but he is able to absorb enough heat from Scorch’s flames to defeat the man, though at the same time he proves that he had the power to defeat Fitzroy, but did not and now these people are suffering for Bishop’s mistakes. Bishop and Jinx talk in the forest, where Jinx shows him an X-Men badge she found as a child. She is about to kiss him when Michael comes out of the forest. Before explanations can occur, the Chronotroopers attack the camp. Meanwhile, Fitzroy has captured Shard and reveals that he still loves her and has plans for them in the future.

Full Summary: 

Bishop slowly regains consciousness, though his vision is still blurred. He hears voices, one saying that he thought Bishop was supposed to be bigger. Another wonders if the man can hear them. Bishop’s vision becomes clearer, as he realizes that four children are looking down upon him.

One child claims that Bishop can hear everything, while another introduces himself as Innocent. A voice tells Innocent, Joshua, and the others to get away. The children leave, as Bishop weakly asks them for help. Nom suddenly looks down at Bishop, as Scorch tells the creature not to scare their captive, as they do no want him to pop a suture. Bishop regains coherence and finds that he is tied down to a bed, with his wounds all bandaged up.

In the room are Nom, Scorch and Jinx, the latter corralling the children. Scorch tells Bishop to forgive Nom, but he finds the X-Man as curious as the rest of them. It is not everyday that a stranger wanders the desert, wearing the mark of a long-lost legend. Jinx tells the children to step back, as Scorch wants to make a fool of himself. Sarcastically, Scorch tells Nom that it is good that they didn’t cut out Bishop’s tongue, as they want answers now, especially since it is clear that he is an agent of the Chronomancer.

Bishop tells Scorch that he knows nothing of a Chronomancer, but Scorch does not believe him and threatens him with a flame. A telepathic voice tells Scorch to step away and also orders Jinx to take the children away. Scorch turns to a blue haired woman named Link and tells her that, if she keeps on talking to them with her telepathy, she might have a stroke. Link tells him not to lecture her on how to talk, as she pulls back the cloth opening to the tent to allow her master to walk in.

A robed figure walks in and tells his people to stop arguing. Scorch warns the man not to get near, but the old man with a walking staff tells Scorch to get away. The man asks Bishop if he recognizes him. Bishop takes one look and asks if he is really looking at the Witness. The Witness chuckles and tells the group to untie Bishop, as he leaves the tent.

Later on, outside in the camp, which is in a forest, Jinx tells Link that her mother told her legends of that man. Scorch scoffs and calls those legends stories for the senile and young. Jinx tells him to be quiet and asks Link if Bishop is really the man from those legends. Link tells Jinx that they all have clung to the legends of the X-Men in one way or another. She has looked into their guest’s mind and found only confusion. Her own head is killing her and she cannot probe him anymore. If he is the legend, then they will soon find out. Yes, says Jinx, she will find out.

Nearby, the Witness and Bishop, who has assembled a new uniform out of several pieces of random cloth, sit on a log, as the Witness explains to Bishop that Tim is a straight line that keeps going. Most people follow that line but, for some people, the line follows them. Annoyed, Bishop asks the Witness why he speaks riddles. He left his future by his own choice to the X-Men’s time and saw so much. However, he is in neither time he knows of. Where is he? Cryptically, the Witness tells Bishop that he is where he needs to be.

Where is that, asks Bishop again. The Witness tells him that he is in the future and the present. This place isn’t like how it used to be, isn’t it? Bishop is supposed to be here. Angry, Bishop tells him that he is supposed to be home. The Witness tells him to stop yelling, but Bishop ignores him and demands to know who he really is. Is he really Gambit, as he has always suspected? Before Bishop can take off the Witnesses’ hood, the old man grabs him by the wrist and holds the X-Man back.

Bishop explains to the Witness that he left his sister behind in a massacre and he lost a boy named Michael during an assault on his life. Witness again tells Bishop to stop yelling. Bishop continues and says that he is not supposed to be there. This is not his home. Telepathically, Link asks him if he would go home again if he had the choice. Where is his home? Bishop tells her that his home is his own time, in the past. Which time is yours, asks Link. Annoyed again, Bishop tells her that he doesn’t know her and wants her out of his head, so she can talk to him normally. Link tells Bishop that none of them want to be here, but if he saw the rest of there world he wouldn’t complain about being at their camp.

From her probe, she knows that he is Bishop, or at least he thinks he is Bishop of the X-Men. Bishop asks how he can get back to his sister and the X-Men, but Link admits that she does not know. Witness tells Bishop that he has traveled through time and tells the man to think about what all his time travels have in common. Fitzroy, says Bishop. Witness corrects Bishop, as Fitzroy calls himself the Chronomancer now. Fitzroy found a time without Bishop and took it over. However, Bishop found him again. He can either run away or do what he needs to do.

Bishop walks off into the forest and announces that the choice isn’t his. It never was his choice. Scorch asks Jinx if she buys this time travel nonsense, but the woman chases after Bishop into the woods. Scorch is about to go after her, but the Witness tells him to let her go.

Bishop walks through the rest of the camp with Jinx behind him, neither saying a word until he asks her if all the children here are mutants, as he notices all have the M mark on their faces. Maybe, maybe not, says Jinx. They are all orphans and all those who have no one left find their way to this camp. In time, some may be mutants, just like her. Bishop asks her why they mark themselves as mutants if they are trying to hide. Jinx tells him that to survive they must steal and to do so they need fear on their side, hence the ink M’s on their faces.

Bishop, who still thinks that the Witness is Gambit, thinks of how Remy trained them all to be thieves. The two walk towards a woman named Merrian, who tells her husband, Morgan, who is trying to fix his wagon, that he should let Nom help him. Morgan, however, refuses to let Nom help, though the creature is already helping by lifting the back of the wagon so Morgan can fix the bottom. Jinx introduces Merrian to Bishop as a guest of theirs. Merrian apologizes for the mess, as she and her husband broke the wheel to their wagon on the rough roads. Morgan mutters about the stupid roads, but Merrian tells Bishop not to mind him, as the two of them have faced much worse. Jinx tells Bishop that Merrian and her husband have been living with them for two years. They take in refugees from wherever they find them.

Bishop asks Merrian what happened to her that could lead her to come to this camp. Jinx tells Bishop that they can explain later, but Merrian tells her that she can explain now, as she can tell from Bishop’s eyes that he knows about hard times. She and her husband struggled to put food on their table, but they hoped things would improve over time. Things changed, however, and the Chronotroopers came at night, like they did the town before theirs. Merrian and Morgan watched from their home, as the Chronotroopers went from one house to another. They already paid their taxes, so the two had no clue what the troops wanted. Morgan told her to hide the childe, but Merrian was confused, as they had already given what they could to the regents. Now, however, the regents answered to a new regime. The Chronotroopers came into their house and taught them they could take much more: their child. Merrian begins to cry and claims that the Chronomancer is the blackest of all men. Jinx consoles Merrian, as Bishop realizes that Fitzroy ruined this woman’s life.

Scorch asks Bishop if that is what Bishop intends to do: stop Fitzroy. If Bishop knows the Chronomancer, then are the rest of them to assume that he knows how to stop him. If Bishop has been after Fitzroy for so long, how come he hasn’t stopped him? If he is indeed the “Last X-Man,” then why is there a Chronomancer at all? Why did he allow all this to happen? Bishop simply tells Scorch that things are complicated. Scorch tells him that though he would normally trust Jinx’s judgment, he cannot help but not trust Bishop in this kind of world.

Jinx tells Scorch to back off, but Scorch tells her that she is getting soft and he knows how she is. Jinx tells him that he has no clue how she is and he better not forget that. Scorch tells Jinx that he cannot follow anyone and, if this stranger wants to be in their camp, he must pull his weight. Bishop tells Scorch that he isn’t going to fight him, but Scorch isn’t sure Bishop even can.

Elsewhere, snow falls over the Chronomancer’s castle, as he and several Chronotroopers march through the entrance of a prison tower. Locked up at the top is Shard, who is cold. She recalls how the Chronotroopers came back for her after they took her brother. She doesn’t know why they took her or where she is. All she knows is that she is cold and scared. Shard finds herself curled up in one corner of her cell, unable to move, thanks to Fitzroy. He did this once to her, but she does not know where he learned the trick or why he did it to her. He must have a reason.

Fitzroy comes in and asks her if she is comfortable. He pulls back his robe, revealing that he is bald, and tells the Chronotroopers to leave. Gently, Fitzroy caresses Shard’s cheek, like he used to touch her. It is the way he touched her when he wanted something. He apologizes for all she has seen and hopes that in time he can make it up to her. With a hand gesture, Shard is able to move again. Fitzroy moves to the window and understands that Shard thinks he is a monster. He hopes he can make everything up to her. Shard takes advantage of the situations and shoots a bolt of energy at Fitzroy. However, the man quickly turns around and opens a temporal portal, in which the blast enters. The portal closes and opens again outside the tower where Shard’s blast harmlessly is sent out.

Fitzroy tells Shard that quality time is something that the two of them cannot afford that much anymore. Besides, he can think of a few better things to do now than quarrel. He calls her his little one and tells her that time is standing still for the two of them. Shard backs away from him and orders him to never call her “little one” again. Fitzroy asks Shard about what she wants to know. Does she want to know how he became capable of using his powers in these new ways? How could he aspire to such greatness? He has done things in the past that he wishes he could change, though he knows she doesn’t believe him. Time might heal those wounds. He had everything and threw it all away for a calling with the X.S.E. and for his love with… her. Shard calls him crazy, but Fitzroy reveals that he has plans for the both of them. Shard asks where her brother is, but Fitzroy tells her that he is gone and all they have is one another. He then leaves Shard alone in the cold again.

Back at the refugee camp, a crowd forms around Bishop and Scorch, all awaiting a fight. Flames erupt around Scorch’s hands, as he tells Bishop that he stopped believing in heroes when he was a child. This camp needs no heroes, since myths do not put food on the table. Stories don’t make evil go away. He believes in strength and will. What does Bishop say to that? Bishop simply tells Scorch that he is not here by choice and he doesn’t want to be anything. However, he will help them if they want him to.

Scorch leaps at Bishop, who realizes that the man is blind, due to his anger. Someone needs to open his eyes. Bishop tells Scorch that they are not enemies, as he easily slams the man to the ground. Scorch tells Bishop that he is formidable but he forgets that, in this world, he is Scorch’s enemy until proven otherwise. He kicks Bishop in the face and rolls away. Scorch erupts in flames and announces that his enemies tend to find him formidable too.

Nearby, Link asks the Witness if they should stop the fight, for people could be injured and they have few things to work with already. Witness tells her to let the fight continue a little bit longer, as they can learn more about Bishop. Besides, Scorch could use a good butt kicking. Bishop finds himself encircled by flames. He hears Scorch’s voice telling him that he once heard that fire was a living thing and asks how much energy Bishop can absorb before his flesh is burnt and his bones blackened. Bishop tells Scorch that he talks a lot, but knows little of how his powers work. He doesn’t have to touch him. All Scorch has to do is keep on talking and give him as much hot air as possible. Scorch is an angry man and he blindly rushed into battle without knowing his opponents abilities.

Bishop begins to absorb the heat, much to the dismay of the weakening Scorch. Jinx is blinded by the light, as Link tells Witness that the fight is ending. Bishop absorbs enough energy and tells Scorch that he hopes he has learned a lesson. Bishop then unleashes his energy back at Scorch, slamming the man against a tree. Bishop asks Scorch if he is all right. The weak man tells him not to touch him. Bishop has seen the way they live here and they way they have to hide. He turns to Jinx and tells her that Bishop could have stopped the Chronomancer a long time ago, for he has just proven that he had the ability. Scorch tells Jinx to ask her hero if it is true.

Back at Fitzroy’s castle, the man plays with an hourglass and watches as the sand passes from one chamber to another. However, sometimes one large grain gets caught in the middle and holds up the flow. It requires a little coaxing before it can be set back on the path. All these years, Fitzroy has feared Bishop. However, they are not the same men that they used to be and Fitzroy is no longer afraid. Bishop will learn that. At that moment, at the refugee camp, a child finds her missing ball and tells Joshua that she has found it. She climbs out of the bushes and picks it up. When she looks back up, she finds herself in front of the Chronotroopers.

In the forest, Jinx tells Bishop, who watches the setting sun, that it will be dark soon. The woods aren’t safe at night. Bishop tells Jinx that, all his life, he has saved people. He never became cocky or proud. However, he could have stopped Fitzroy. Now, he is in this strange time and his worst mistake is laughing at him. Jinx tells Bishop that when she was a child she stole to survive. She was afraid of what she became, but her mother always told her stories about him and the others like him. They were what her mother gave her. One day, she also found something else. Jinx pulls out a circular object, wrapped up in paper, and tells Bishop that it means more to her than anything in the world. She wants him to have it.

Bishop is flattered and he unwraps the gift, but is immediately shocked as he looks down upon the X-Men badge that he gave to Storm before he left! Bishop asks her where he found this. Jinx tells him that they are all lost in this world and they all look for something to believe in. Can he truly say that he has not done great things? Jinx leans in to kiss Bishop, when, suddenly, she hears a snapping of a twig. She whips out her staff and tells Bishop that they are not alone.

Bishop tells Jinx to wait, but she runs with her super-speed into the forest with furious speed. Jinx grabs a boy out of the woods and shines the light from her staff on him. It is Michael, who screams that he saw a light and then it went away and then he was here in the woods. Bishop pushes Jinx away from him and explains that Michael came here with him, but also asks why she and her people are always so quick to attack. Suddenly, a massive explosion erupts from the forest. Jinx turns around, as her whole life changes in an instant. “Bishop, the camp…,” screams Jinx, “It’s burning!”

Characters Involved: 


Jinx, Link, Nom, Scorch, Witness

Innocent, Joshua, Merrian, Morgan, Various refugees


Various Chronotroopers



Story Notes: 

Bishop and Michael mysteriously came to this reality after an assassination attempt in Bishop: The Last X-Man #1. Bishop also gave Storm his X-Men badge that issue. Shard was captured off panel in between #1 and #2.

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