Brotherhood #1

Issue Date: 
July 2001
Story Title: 
Be all that you can be

X (story and words), Essad Ribic (penciler), Kent Williams (inker), Avalon Studio (colors), Jon Babcock (letters), Lysa Hawkins (associate editor), Mark Powers (Editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Oswald destroys a nightclub in Moscow, before being welcomed to the Brotherhood by Hoffmann. Later the group watches Mike Asher, a normal teenager, whom they know to be a teenager too. Asher feels like he is going to explode, and heads of to school, where talks with his girlfriend about whether they are going to do "it". Fagin of the Brotherhood establishes first contact with Asher. Two strange pupils called D and D, the Goth twins, are up to something in the lower levels of the school. Fagin tells Asher that society is keeping people down and he should do something about it. They see a mutant being beaten up and Fagin helps him out. Hoffman arrives on the scene and calms everyone down before walking away with Asher. Oswald then destroys the entire block with the mutant bashing crowd.

Full Summary: 

In Moscow, Oswald leaves a note with a red X in a nightclub before destroying it. He then heads back, slightly dazed, to Hoffman and Orwell, who welcome him to the Brotherhood.
Mike Asher looks in the mirror and at the posters on his wall and feels like he is going to explode if he doesn't "do it". He is called to breakfast where a morning TV programm discusses whether mutants should marry and have children. Mike's dad, Carl, asks what he thinks about the subject, however the picture of a woman on the newspaper distracts his son. Mike asks for money and leaves. Mr. Asher is frustrated, but his wife says to keep calm as all teenagers have raging hormones. He heads for school and once there tries to convince his girlfriend Kary that they should "do it". She's not so sure its going to make them fit in at school anymore if they do, however they both agree they are more accepted than D&D, the "Goth twins" or at least they hope so.
On a nearby roof, Orwell and Hoffman look on and decide to send Fagin in to make the first contact.
D and D are sneaking through the lower floors of the school when Fagin interrupts them. He tells them he is looking for a friend and walks away insulting them.
Asher is watching the Cheerleaders practise whilst eating his lunch. He feels like is going to 'explode' when Fagin asks if he can join him. Before Asher can chat with him, a large teenager tells Asher to move out of the way, picks him up and threatens to beat him up. Fagin tells him to leave him alone and fight with him instead. The bully drops Asher and then walks away. Fagin asks if Asher wants to leave and have some fun and Mike agrees. Before they go Asher catches up with Kary who tells him she need to think about it some more. Fagin tells him he isn't going to get anything from her; As they leave Fagin introduces himself to Asher.
On the roof, Orwell and Hoffman agree that there is something special about this one (Asher) but there is also something dangerous at the school other than them. D and D close their locker, which is full of guns, and then pretend to shoot one of the teachers with their hands.
Fagin and Asher get some food at a diner before running away without paying. Asher wonders why they did that as he had money, but Fagin just tells him to keep it. Fagin tells Asher that he thinks they are alike. He tells him that the world is messed up and that society keeps people down. Asher has no idea what he is talking about, and Fagin still can't believe that Asher doesn't know what he is. Screams are heard nearby and they run to find out what it is. On arriving on the scene Fagin and Asher see a mutant with purple skin being beaten up by an angry mob. Fagin decides to join in and help the mutant and as he does so tells Asher he is a mutant just like him. Fagin beats some of the mob up before being knocked out by a baseball bat. The mob turn their attentions onto Asher but before anything can happen Hoffman arrives on the scene. He appears to be controlling the mob and stops the fighting. He helps the purple skinned mutant to his feet and lets him get on his way. He asks if Asher is ok and asks him to leave with him, which Asher does. Fagin takes an envelope (with a red cross on it) from his pocket and gives it to the mob as he gets up and leaves with the others. After they have left the mob realise that Hoffman was a mutant and must have done something to their minds, they open the envelope which has a note saying "Revolution not Evolution" on it. They decide to go after them when Oswald arrives on the scene. He uses his power and the entire block is engulfed in a giant explosion. Nearby Hoffman, tells Asher that things must change and welcomes Asher to the Brotherhood.

Characters Involved: 

Hoffman, Orwell, Fagin, Oswald (all Brotherhood)

Mike Asher

Carl and Donna Asher, Mike's parents

D & D (Goth Twins)

an unnamed mutant with purple skin

Story Notes: 

First appearances of Orwell, Fagin, Hoffman and Oswald.

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