Brotherhood #7

Issue Date: 
January 2002
Story Title: 
Let Freedom Ring

X (story), Sean Philips (penciler), Kent Williams (inker), Jon Babcock (letters), Jose Villarrubia (painted colors), John Miesegaes (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

A speech of X in Philadelphia results in a massive fight between mutants and the police. Orwell is questioning X’s behaviour. Meanwhile Marshal has captured Mike Asher and Malon Reeves and convinced them to help him against X.

Full Summary: 

In Philadelphia, X is preparing for a speech. Another mutant tells him that they are ready. The unnamed mutant tells X how honored they are to have him with them and that there were rumors that he went in hiding after the government took out the Brotherhood cells in London, Bangkok and Rome. The mutant then tells X that his coming out in the open is a sign that the Brotherhood is winning the war. X goes through the doors and starts speaking to a crowd of mutants,who hold signs with texts like “freedom for all means mutants too“, “stop mutant persecution“ etc. X tells the mutants that this is the greatest gathering of mutants in the history of the Earth and that they are not losing this war. He then points to the riot police who are coming to arrest X and tells his followers to stop them. Mutants and police start to fight, but X leaves with a weird smile on his face. He escapes through the sewers and enters a bar.
Several hours later, X is drunk and is chatting with a blond woman. Orwell then walks up to them. Orwell clearly disapproves of X’s actions earlier this evening. X explains to Mitzy, the blond woman, that Orwell is his “business-partner“ and that he disapproves of X’s decisions today. X then gets aggressive towards Orwell, telling him that today’s actions were necesarry. Orwell still thinks that the rally was a mistake, Hoffman then tells him that they are desperate. X tells Mitzy that he wants to go with her, because Orwell’s “badgering“ is driving him insane. Mitzy is confused: Orwell hasn’t spoken a word since he got in. Orwell telepathically tells X that today’s rally will mean trouble. He orders Orwell to contact the cells and tell them to prepare. Orwell mentions Marshal and X decides that something has to be done about him. X then tells Mitzy that he wants away from his business for tonight, but just as he’s about to kiss her, a man, dressed as Uncle Sam, draws a gun aaccuses them of being mutants. Mitzy panics, so far she belived Hoffman to be a weird movioe producer, but this is too much for her. The man says that he is not afraid of the Brotherhood and there will always be humans to fight them. Hoffman uses his powers on the guy and then leaves the bar with Orwell. Once outside the bar blows up.
Elsewhere, the tied up Mike Asher is watching the news about the riots in Philadelphia. Marshal asks him if he regrets that he can’t be there, but Asher answers that he’s done with the Brotherhood and that Marshal can stop making him view the news. Marshal replies that he wants to be absolutely certain that Asher is going to turn on the Brotherhood and that he isn’t going to run away if it gets dangerous. He then leaves.
Outside a man with red hair and glasses compliments Marshal on his work: not only did he capture three Brotherhood operatives in London, he also broke their spirits within record time. He then mentions that he admires the fact that someone of Marshal’s background and genetic ... , but doesn’t finish the sentence. The man then asks Marshal if he can help in any way, but Marshal replies, calling the man Beckman, that the enemy of his enemy isn’t his friend. Marshal then enters Malon’s cell, which is a bit more comfortable then Mike’s cell was and remarks that he was watching the same thing on TV as she is. He makes some remarks about the riot and Malon asks him what she should do. Marshal wants to know what X is up to, but Malon replies that she doesn’t even know X, she only knew Bryson Bale and he died. Marshal then tells her that the Brotherhood isn’t about mutant rights and revolution, it’s only about X himself and his personal vision about a mutant world order. Malon agrees to help Marshal.
In his home, X is looking at a picture of him and Marshal, both holding guns and wearing what seems to be military uniforms. He comments on Marshal’s habit to take everything personal and that he will be waiting for him.

Characters Involved: 

Orwell, X / Hoffman (both Brotherhood)

Mike Asher, Fagin (only mentioned), Malon Reeves (captured Brotherhood members)

Mitzy, Hoffman’s friend

Dozens of unnamed Brotherhood members in Philadelphia

Marshal, government operative and enemy of the Brotherhood

Beckman, government operative working with Marshal

Several policemen

Story Notes: 

The remarks of Beckman hint that Marshal himself is a mutant.
Mitzy calls X Marvin, it is unclear whether this is his true name or not.

Issue Information: 
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