Cable and X-Force #11

Issue Date: 
September 2013
Story Title: 

Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larocca (artist), Frank d’Armata (colorist), VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer), Larocca / D’Armata (cover artists), John Tyler Christopher (variant cover), Jennifer M. Smith (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Domino and Boom Boom try to prevent one of Cable’s catastrophic premonitions by kidnapping a young man, Tucker, from a Manhattan hospital before his mutation kicks in and he takes out a good chunk of Manhattan. While forcing Domino to discuss her non-relationship with Colossus with her, Boom Boom improvises a bit too much, causing them to be stuck on a bridge in a traffic jam when the explosion is about to occur. Boom Boom manages to clear the bridge and, having planned ahead meticulously, Domno saves them by jumping down to the river with a parachute. She admits that despite their different methods they work together well. Blaquesmith has taken Hope to an apocalyptic future to show her the truth behind Cable’s visions. They are beset by techno-organic zombies and saved by a woman wearing a Stryfe armor.

Full Summary: 

Mount Sinai Hospital, Manhattan:

Wearing hospital scrubs, Domino is pushing an empty wheelchair. Via comm-device Boom Boom tells her not to play dumb. Petey’s heavy metal gets her going for reals! Dude is straight up her alley like he’s bowling a strike!

Domino sighs and reminds her they are short on time. The kid’s mutation goes live in 48 minutes. According to Cable’s vision, if his powers kick in while he’s still here, this hospital ceases to be and everyone in it as well. Let’s table the humiliating Colossus conversation and go over—

Boom Boom swears to Gucci if she repeats the plan to her a third time, she’s gonna poke her! She’s got it! Dom gets her thing on, naughty nurse style, while Boom Boom grabs a latte with the coffee-breaking EMTs, knocks’ em out and steals their ride. Then Dom gets the hostage, meets her and her ambulance outside Sinai in ten minutes. Consider the world’s dullest plan full-on memorized. Domino corrects her that’s only the first half of plan A, but— She’s got the other half down too, Boom interrupts her.

Domino examines the boy, Tucker, who is out cold. She figures if he wakes up this is gonna get trickier. Boom Boom orders her to stop worrying. Instead, let’s talk about the C-Man of her dirty dreams and how she refuses to pla—

Domino tells her to stop it. She loves her but did not ask her for dating advice. It’s cool, Boom Boom retorts. She doesn’t have to ask. So, it took an alien abduction and almost getting gobbled up to snap Colossus out of his funk, so what? He popped out the other end all hers!

Dom has put Tucker into the wheelchair and now wheels it out. Too little, too late, she’s over it, she announces.

No, she’s not! Boom Boom insists. She’s cheesed he didn’t follow Domino’s anal-retentive rules for dating and mating. Let it go. Take the initiative. Try headfirst without a chute this one time. Boom-style! She just might like it.

Getting into the elevator, Domino point out she might also break her neck. She’s heading down now, she announces. How are things on Boom-Boom’s end? Everything going according to plan?

There’s chaos in the cafe. Boom Boom has taken out several EMTs and the back door of the ambulance. Cops are pointing guns at her. Sure. Totally, she replies. She’ll see her in five.


Domino waits until the busted-up ambulance comes. Boom Boom orders her to hop in quick while a bunch of cops are giving chase.

The future:

Hope Summers finds herself somewhere in the future in a wasteland. Blaquesmith follows, explaining she came to him looking for answers about Cable’s premonitions. They’ve come here, so she can learn the truth.

She attacks him and states she asked who was responsible. And it is him! He orders her to control herself. There’s more to this. She’ll thank him when she learns the how and why.

Getting ready for another blow, Hope announces she doubts that. Suddenly a techno-organic zombie grabs her from behind. Hope kicks it in the face.

The present:


Domino is driving the ambulance, Tucker strapped in next to her. Angrily she reminds Boom Boom there was a plan so they could avoid this. “This” being the cop cars following them. Throwing time bombs at them from the back of the ambulance, Boom scoffs this is the best part. Besides, she followed the friggin’ plan! Not her fault the cops peeped her cold-clocking the EMTs.

All she had to do was drug their coffee, Dom reminds her. She’s been a black-ops superhero since she was sixteen. How did she get caught slipping a mickey? Dom’s got her way of knocking out guys, she’s got hers, Boom shrugs. “Her way” has already wasted fifteen minutes, Domino continues. If this kid’s powers kick in before they are out of the city his first memory as a mutant is gonna be accidentally killing thousands of New Yorkers! They have to get him across the bridge, out of Manhattan into one of the unpopulated areas on her list… and thanks to Boom Boom they have to do it in 189 minutes and 26 seconds! Sounds about right, Boom agrees nonchalantly. Do they have time to hit a Duncan Donuts? Cuz they’re only four and a half minutes from the bridge. She just kicked their tails!


And Dom’ blood sugar seems mad low right now. White. Hot. Rag! Domino snarls.


They are at the bridge. See, they are in a good place now, Boom points out, and getting here was epic. Real cute, Domino mutters. She wonders how cute she’ll be in the morning when she wakes up to find Dom has cut off all her hair. Oh dang! Boom Boom swears. Boom, Domino states. You suck. They are stuck in a traffic jam.


Domino swears the bridge should be clear at that time. A man in a neighboring car explains the guy on the radio said traffic’s nuts on account of the cops chasing a bunch of bad guys. Some kind of high speed chase with a couple super freaks.

Domino thumps her head against the steering wheel. Her bad, Boom Boom admits. Now what? She doesn’t know now what, Domino replies. Maybe now they transform their ambulance into a monster truck and drive all over this. Totally! Boom Boom agrees and jumps out. That’s it! She tells Dom to keep the truck in gas. She’ll be the monster! Head first, without a chute!

She jumps on the roof of a car and shouts she is Doctor… um… Madame Mcsplode. She’s a super cereal bad guy villain lady, and they are clogging up her bridge. Her bridge. She just stole it. So they’ve got like a hand full of seconds to bounce outta here before she starts blasting them into the river.

The people don’t care and honk. To make her point, Boom Boom creates and detonates a time bomb. Convinced, the people start running.

Boom wonders if you can be a “doctor” and a “madame” at the same time. Cuz she’s thinking about changing her codename again. Dom comes out of the car, carrying the boy. Boom tells her the cars are empty now. She can put him back in the ambulance. They’ll push their way through. Dom tells her she did good. But time’s up. It’s happening here.


She puts the boy on a car roof.


Shoot! Boom Boom swears as he begins to glow and the part of the bridge detonates under them and they fall.

Domino brought along a parachute. She grabs Boom Boom, who holds onto the boy. As they land in the water, Boom asks if she sees? How they did it Mcsplode style and it all worked out in the end? Dom reminds her they just liquefied and fell through a 100 years old bridge. Which would have killed them without a chute. Now they are stranded in the East River while every cop in New York loads a gun. She presses a device and an emergency boat appears. She explains plans C and E both ended up at the river.

So they aren’t stranded? Boom Boom asks. No, but they would be if she wasn’t an annoying planner. Boom Boom begins to apologize but Dom tells her to shut up. It was a cluster but it worked out. Domino’s way got them out of the river; Boom’s way cleared the bridge. Lives were saved, crisis averted. They did that together. Would today have gone quieter if she wasn’t so cracker jacks? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?

The future:

In the future, Hope and Blaquesmith are battling techno-organic zombies. Still think coming here was a great idea? she huffs. He tells her she needs to know the truth. The why had better be damn impressive!

Suddenly, a blade kills the zombies, a blade belonging to a woman in a Stryfe armor. Is she not impressed? Blaquesmith asks. They are saved, they are welcome, the woman tells them curtly. Now get up and let’s go!

Characters Involved: 

Boom Boom, Domino (both X-Force)




in the future



Mystery woman in Stryfe armor

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