Cable and X-Force #6

Issue Date: 
May 2013
Story Title: 

Dennis Hopeless (writer), Salvador Larocca (artist), Frank d’Armata (colorist), VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer), Larocca / D’Armata (cover artists), Jordan D. White (associate editor), Nick Lowe (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Colossus is taken to a high security prison where Wolverine warns him that he is standing trial for the wrong reasons. Kitty Pryde is torn over Colossus’ decision but leaves him some art supplies as a gift. In the meantime, X-Force (joined by Boom Boom) are on their next mission. Cable, Forge and Doctor Nemesis infiltrate a secret SWORD installation to steal an alien spaceship. Cable orders the other two to leave ahead with the spaceship when they are surprised by Cable’s father, Cyclops. Domino and Boom Boom break into the prison which also holds Colossus. Domino chats with him a bit and frees him against his will, but he is not their real goal but a special alien prisoner. Impatiently, Boom Boom frees him without waiting for the others.

Full Summary: 

The Raft: a maximum security super prison:

Wolverine orders the guard to take the cuffs off Colossus. He turned himself in. No need to parade him through here, all trussed up in. The guard refuses. Inmates keep their restraints on until they are in the cell. No exceptions.

Is that right? Wolverine asks and unsheathes his claws. Well, this pair broke, he announces as they fall off (thanks to a little help). He suggests the guards run to the store to buy some new ones. He’ll take Colossus in for them.

Piotr tells him he’s glad he came to see him. Logan announces this is stupid. Colossus understands him, but this is where he belongs. Who is he talking to? Logan replies. All the blood he has on his hands, some fresh… And he expects him to believe Pete belongs in prison?

This prison is much nicer than the one he has been carrying with him. Give it a couple of weeks, Logan predicts. Piotr explains he needs to stand trial. Time to let someone else decide what he owes. Then maybe he can start to make amends.

Logan tells him he gets it. He leads him to his cell. He wants to own up to that Phoenix nonsense. Show the world he is not proud of what he did. He’s not like Scott or his sister. Problem is it’s hard to prosecute a guy for being possessed by a big alien firebird. He’ll get his trial but it will be all about him, Cable and X-Force killing a bunch of factory workers. Mutant terrorism. Now there is a crime they can wrap all the way around his neck. Colossus replies it’s not his story to tell.

The guard announces he’s in. Prepare lockdown.

This affects more than just him, Piotr insists.

A force field engulfs the cell. Wolverine states Piotr is in a cage. Cable and the rest are being hunted. He gets this is loyalty but keeping quiet now doesn’t make any damn sense!

They did not want to hurt those men but they are dead and he has to take responsibility for his part, Piotr replies. Logan warns him they’ll throw away the key.

A car arrives outside a park. The park ranger informs Cable, Forge and Dr Nemesis the park’s closed for the season. Forge looks him in the eye and tells Cable to shoot him in the head. Cable blows away the ranger’s head. He turns out to be a robot. Using the robot, Forge taps into the main frame. Moments later, a spaceship comes up. SWORD doesn’t mess around, Forge admits. He guesses it’s even bigger on the inside. “Sciencegasm!” Nemesis exclaims.

Hiding in Colossus’ cell, Kitty Pryde is writing a letter to him. He’s been in this terrible place three days and this is already the fourth time she tried to see him. She was hiding on the jet the whole time Logan was here and got as far as security twice.

Last night, she phased in after hours and watched him sleep for some time like a total creep. Feels like they spent half their lives trying to move from them. Now that it’s starting to stick, she doesn’t know how to see him. At least not in here. Not yet.

But she bought him all this art stuff and it’s not right to sneak it in without some explanation. She doesn’t have one emotion about all of this, she has like fifty. She’s proud of him for turning himself in. She’s optimistic he can find some peace in here. It’s been so long since he’s had that. She’s furious he did those things they say he did. Unable how to reconcile the person she knows with what she’s read about. And she’s still trying to forgive him for that Phoenix Force date.

Colossus returns from his workout to see her. The guard protests. She can’t! Kitty announces. She left a note! She phases outside.

The note asks him to enjoy the gifts. Paint something beautiful. Get better!

Domino is diving in the ocean, telling someone else via comm-link she can get out any time she want to. Why would she wanna abort? The other person replies. Because once she does this she is in for the long haul, Dom warns. Freaky-deaky Spy hard with her and the old man? She’s totes in! Down with a capital D! All right, let’s do this! Dom decides. She reaches the force field. According to Forge there is a flaw in the system. If they disrupt the field on the same side at the same time, it will only ping once. Is she in position? On three. Two. One. Go!

On cue, Boom Boom rides in through the other side on her jet skis, a bottle of champagne in hand. Immediately, two SHIELD patrols order her to place her hands over her head. Seeing only a pretty blonde in a skimpy bikini, they don’t take her seriously. Boom Boom remarks she’s obviously in trouble, but is it “call the real cops” trouble or “let her off with a stiff warning and call it good” trouble?

Having gotten through the forcefield thanks to the diversion, Dom mutters she missed her as she watches Boom Boom being taken in.

The SHIELD guards believe it to be a sorority prank. They decide to lock her in D block until the NYPD comes get her.

Domino uses the opportunity to climb inside.

The guard puts Boom Boom into a cell, level one, basic security. He tells her that the real cops should be along to pick her up some time in the next seven hours.

Boom Boom smiles and makes a ticking noise. Moments later, the cell explodes, taking out the guard. He should have put the power dampener past basic, Boom Boom gloats. Domino informs Forge they are in.

Forge replies they are proceeding on schedule. Nemesis, in the meantime, manages to alert the security system, which Cable has to take out.

A half-naked Colossus is sitting in his cell. So if she said she’d want his body, would he hold it against her? Domino jokes. He pleads with her not to break him out. He will not go. She guesses she could and switches off the force field. She steps into the cell. But she just came to say hi. They’ve got this other thing going on downstairs.

Boom Boom finds herself downstairs in front of SWORD’s secret intergalactic containment prison. She walks in and sees a six-armed alien hanging suspended in a green bubble. She wonders if the team really wants her flying solo on this. “Whatevs,” she decides and breaks him out.

What kind of time till SWORD catches wind of all this? Cable asks. Five or six hours, depending on shift change, Forge replies. Nemesis interrupts them, telling them to look at the starboard bow. They appear to be under attack by what looks like an optic blast. Cable orders them to get the ship to rendezvous. He’ll stay here and deal with this.

This being his father Scott Summers aka Cyclops. What does he want? Cable asks. Not a whole lot, Scott replies. Just a little chat with his son.

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cable, Colossus, Domino, Dr Nemesis, Forge (all X-Force)
Kitty Pryde, Wolverine(X-Men based at the Jean Grey school)

Cyclops (X-Man based at the New Xavier School)

Story Notes: 

The Phoenix possession refers to what happened in Avengers versus X-Men.

“Bigger on the inside” is a joke referring to the TV show Doctor Who and the Doctor’s spaceship / time machine the TARDIS.

A Phoenix-powered Colossus took Kitty on the date from hell in Wolverine and the X-Men #14.

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