Cable & Deadpool #11

Issue Date: 
February 2005
Story Title: 
Thirty Pieces - part 1: Predator & Pray

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Patrick Zercher (penciller), Udon’s M3TH (inks) Frank D’Armata (cover colorist) Gotham Studios (Colour) VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Molly Lazer & Andy Schmidt (assistant-editors), Nicole Wiley (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Cable created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson

Deadpool created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza

Brief Description: 

After lobotomizing Cable on his own request last issue, the world now blames Deadpool for killing their savior, while Deadpool tries to find a way to save Cable.
Deadpool infiltrates an A.I.M.-base and negotiates with MODOK after a long fight to get a techno-organic alien embryo. He contacts Weasel, who tells him to bring the embryo to his apartment in London. On Providence, Irene and Nick Fury talk: despite Cable’s disappearance, Providence, now an island, is still growing and Irene wants to use it to fulfill Cable’s wish: a place where thinkers can meet and find a way to improve the world. The Six Pack finds Cable’s floating body in his Switzerland safehouse, but they are transported into his mind. Inside his mind, Cable tells that they will be there till he dies, because he doesn’t have enough power to free them. Weasel tells Deadpool that he needs to contact the Fixer to help them merge the alien embryo with Cable. Outside, an unseen stalker is listening in on the conversation. Deadpool travels to Florida Beach where the Fixer is staying and Fixer, having worked with Deadpool before, refuses to help him. Deadpool can’t remember meeting Fixer ever before, but Fixer mentions several times they worked before and each of them was a disaster to him. He tries to kill Deadpool, but when Deadpool mentions what he wants Fixer to do, he’s interested. When he hears that this is going to save Cable he’s even willing to do it for free (though he finally settles for half price). Back on Providence, Rabbi Rosen tells Irene that he heard that some people hired an assassin to stop Cable’s resurrection and that this assassin has a good chance of succeeding, because he knows Deadpool, the man trying to save Cable, better than anybody else. In Weasel’s London apartment, Fixer looks at the alien embryo and decides that he can do what they ask of him. The still-hidden stalker then tries to shoot the alien embryo, but hits Fixer’s hand instead. The container with the embryo is knocked over and opens. Finally revealing himself, Agent X crashes through the window, ready to kill.

Full Summary: 

(comedic exposition)

A poster of Deadpool wanted dead or alive for crimes against humanity (preferably dead) is seen and a cartoon-version of Cable says that this is what happens when you lobotomize Earth’s savior. He quickly recaps the events of last issue and says that Earth’s population now blames Deadpool for Cable’s coma, not knowing that Cable asked Deadpool to do that. He wanted to unite humanity and now they are indeed united: against Deadpool.


Inside an A.I.M. lab in India, Deadpool is fighting off dozens of A.I.M.-agents and their leader, MODOK, at the same time. Deadpool can’t stop himself from commenting on the size of MODOK’s head. He tries to convince them that he’s not there to fight, but to do business. One of the A.I.M.-scientists accuses him of killing the savior, Cable. Deadpool explains that Cable never was a savior and wonders why a scientist would believe in something like that.

Using the scientist to block MODOK’s blast, Deadpool lands in front of MODOK. MODOK tries to brainscan Deadpool, but can’t because of Deadpool’s chaotic mind. MODOK decides to trust him and do business.

A few minutes later, MODOK shows Deadpool an alien embryo that was found by A.I.M. after the aliens’ invasion was stopped by Earth’s mutants. Deadpool buys it, but tells them that it is for his nephew’s science project. Inside a tube, there is a techno-organic alien.

Deadpool leaves the A.I.M.-base via the sewers, but the sewer entrance he leaves is in the middle of the road. He’s hit by a bus, but still makes it to his hotel room. Weasel contacts Deadpool and confirms that this alien looks indeed like what they need. He tells Deadpool to bring it to him in London, where he can take a closer look and determine their next step.

Providence, Cable’s former floating base, is now an island. Colonel Fury asks Irene if anybody wanted to leave. Irene answers that they, on the contrary, have had twelve thousand more immigrant applications since Cable’s lobotomy. Nick tells her that she knows he didn’t want it to end like this. Irene replies that, when it comes to men like him, things often end like this. Irene tells Nick that she wants Providence to be what Cable intended it to be: a place where Earth’s best minds can gather to find a better way of living. Fury tells her that Cable is not dead, but hiding. Irene replies that Cable was hidden and Deadpool can no longer remember where he hid him.

The Six Pack invades Cable’s safehouse 14 in Switzerland and finds Cable’s floating body. They are immediately transported into Cable’s mind: a cartoon like place where they are all invited for a tea party. Each of the Six Pack’s members is like a parody of himself in this place. After a bit of cartoon-like comedy where Cable hits G.W. Bridge with a giant mallet, Domino asks Cable where they are. Cable gives a non-answer.

Solo and Hammer try to piece together what happened. Domino concludes that they are inside Cable’s mind, which Cable. Dom shoots Cable telling him to let them go. The shot has no effect and Cable replies that he can’t let them go: he needs all his telepathy to keep himself alive. The Six Pack are trapped inside his mind until he dies.

Weasel inspects the alien’s body and confirms that it is made of techno-organic material. He asks Deadpool if Cable’s body really used to be made of that stuff. Deadpool gives a short recap of events regarding the Techno-Organic Virus: how an alien named Warlock came to Earth, how a virus based on Warlock’s body infected Cable and how Cable used his telepathy and telekinesis to keep the virus in check.
Weasel concludes that they need to merge this alien embryo with Cable, but need to find some way to prevent it from spreading now Cable no longer has his powers to keep the virus in check. Weasel thinks that they need the Fixer. Deadpool never heard of him.

Outside Weasel’s apartment, an unseen stalker is using a directed microphone to listen in on their conversation.

Florida Beach: Deadpool, held in immobile by several of Fixer’s mechanical arms, tells the Fixer that he has a business proposition for him. Fixer replies that he will never work with Deadpool again after that Hydra mess in Curacao. Deadpool can’t remember it. Fixer lists several times they worked together, but Deadpool can’t remember any of it.

Fixer decides he has to kill Deadpool. Deadpool asks him if he isn’t a good guy now. Fixer asks him in return how killing Deadpool would make him a bad guy. Deadpool thinks it’s a good point, but wonders if they can’t reschedule the whole dying thing. Fixer disagrees. Deadpool hits a switch inside his glove and one of his weapons explodes, freeing him and knocking Fixer back. Fixer knocks Deadpool out of the window and into the pool, but admits that he is impressed by Deadpool booby-trapping his own weapons.

Deadpool wants to fight back, but notices that naked female Avengers are painted on the inside of the pool. Fixer fishes him out of the pool and Deadpool asks him if that really was Thor. Fixer says that it is part of his anger management therapy. Deadpool throws a small bomb to free himself again, but damages Fixer’s Jacuzzi in the process.

The fight continues; Fixer tries to hit Deadpool with mechanical arms, while Deadpool explains why he needs Fixer: to merge a techno-organic baby with Cable. Fixer stops Deadpool and tells him that he can do that. Deadpool offers him 100 now and 400 if Cable survives. Fixer replies that if this was to save Cable, he will do it for free. Deadpool tells him that Cable is not the savior. Fixer replies that just in case, he will do it for half price. Deadpool says it’s a deal and asks about Fixer’s pool-painter and if he could do X-Men.

Meanwhile, the still-unseen stalker is listening in again from a nearby roof.

On Providence, Irene is talking to two other inhabitants: a Rabbi Rosen and a man named John. Rosen tells them that he heard that somebody is trying to kill Cable. Irene wonders how this assassin would have more success in finding Cable than S.H.I.E.L.D. and half the world’s governments. Rosen replies that they hired somebody who knows best how to follow Deadpool, the man trying to save Cable’s life.

Back in London, Fixer tells Deadpool and Weasel that he can fix this, looking at the T.O. alien. Weasel asks if he ever saw anything like it and if he has any idea how it works. Fixer answers no to both questions. Weasel and Fixer discuss how to do it.

Outside, the stalker aims his sniper gun at the alien embryo. He shoots but Fixer just reaches for the embryo and is hit in the hand instead. The T.O. embryo falls to the floor and starts moving. The stalker - Agent X - then crashes through the window, armed and dangerous.

Characters Involved: 

Cable/Nathan Summers

Deadpool/ Wade Wilson

MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only to Kill, Leader of Advanced Idea Mechanics)

Weasel (Deadpool’s friend and information broker)

Irene Merryweather (Cable’s friend and journalist)

Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Anaconda, G.W. Bridge, Constrictor, Domino, Hammer, Solo (all Six Pack)

Agent X/ Alex Hayden (Mercenary, used to possess part of Deadpool’s memories)

The Fixer

Rabbi Rosen, John (inhabitants of Providence)

Story Notes: 

Small continuity error: The book calls Modok an artificial construct, while he’s a mutated human.

Inexplicably, Agent X has his facial scars again. However, writer Fabian Nicieza said on one of the CBR forums that Alex probably did this himself because he liked the look.

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