Civil War II #7

Issue Date: 
November 2016
Story Title: 

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), David Marquez (artist), Justin Ponsor (colorist), Andrea Sorrentino &  Marcelo Maiolo (Old Man Logan artists), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Victor Ochoa (design),  Marco Djurdjevicz (cover artist), Kim Jung Gi, Michael Cho, Phil Noto, Chris Sprouse & Dave McCaig, Jim Steranko (variant covers), Alanna Smith(assistant editor), Tom Brevoort with Wil Smith  (editors), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Ulysses has another vision in which he finds himself in the post-apocalyptic future of Old Man Logan. Asking how the world changed, he finally gets Logan to hint that the disasters started because Tony Stark pushed her too far. Before Ulysses learns who “she” is, the vision ends. He informs the royal Inhumans about this and they realize they have to stop Tony Stark. Spider-Man is at the Capitol and Captain America tries to talk him down. Captain Marvel also gets involved, trying to reason with Miles. Things turn more complicated by the arrival of Iron Man, who believes Carol intends to arrest Miles. The lines drawn, a brutal battle between the two heroes starts.

Full Summary: 

A vision:
Ulysses finds himself in a desert landscape and looks around in confusion. He calls ‘hello’, then stumbles and falls down a slope. He is horrified to find this feels a lot different from his past visions. He turns around to face a Hulk-like being. Shouting ‘meat,’ the monster gets ready to smash him.  

A moment later, an old Wolverine – Old Man Logan – impales the monster. He thanks Ulysses for distracting the vermin long enough for him. Ulysses asks if that was the Hulk. One of his kids, Logan corrects him. He took care of the Hulk long ago himself. Spread the word. He was away.

Ulysses calls after him and asks if he is Wolverine. The man doesn’t reply. Ulysses asks what year this is. Logan asks what kinda question that is. He is not supposed to be here is Ulysses’ reply.

Washington DC:
On the steps of the Capitol and dressed in his Spider-Man outfit, Miles Morales recalls the vision Ulysses shared with the heroes. The Capitol is in ruins and he is holding the corpse of Captain America, whom he has just killed.

Police officers order him to raise his hands and remove his mask. Miles complies with the first part but apologizes for not being able to remove his mask.

Ulysses’ vision:
What year does he think it is? Old Man Logan demands. Ulysses stammers he doesn’t know. When Logan asks what he is, Ulysses begins to introduce himself but Logan doesn’t care about his name. What is he? Inhuman, is the reply. Guesses he missed the last bus, is Logan’s cryptic reply. He explains the Inhumans left the planet when the world still looked like the world. Where did they go? Ulysses stammers. And where are they? Looks like Jersey, Logan believes. What happened? Ulysses demands. What sent the Inhumans away? Tony Stark happened! Logan snaps.

Aboard the SHIELD heli-carrier, Director Hill is told they are en route to Washington DC. Hill turns to Captain Marvel and warns her that she can’t have a massive superhero battle on the steps of the Capitol. Carol replies that they have to extract Spider-Man quickly and quietly. Hill suggests teleporting him out, but Carol points out that his spider-sense will warn him. The whole reason she hasn’t flown down herself and grabbed him is because she respects the powerset.

And he is surrounded by cops and reporters, Hill continues. Do they know where Captain America is? Wherever he wants to be, Carol surmises. Hill rhetorically asks what else they can’t have on the steps of the Capitol. Spider-Man killing Captain America on live TV, Carol guesses correctly.

Carol asks her to get rid of the cops and Hill does. She adds if they destroy the Lincoln Memorial, they will all be looking for work from their prison cells. Carol realizes Hill is truly worried and states Spider-Man has to want to come to them. She can do this.

The standoff at the Capitol hasn’t gotten any better and the cops are giving Spider-Man a countdown to remove his mask. Then, however, they are called and told to retreat. The cops all withdraw, leaving only Captain America standing.

Ulysses’ vision:
Ulysses wants to know more. What does he mean by “Tony Stark happened?” What difference does it make? Logan asks then demands where he is from. No more of that “what year is it” crap. Ulysses groans that he can’t go back until he figures out what makes this happen.

All right, Logan relents, but first tell him what an Inhuman is doing wandering around Jersey in the middle of a—

Suddenly, Ulysses glows and feels himself being drawn back. He begs Logan to tell him what Tony Stark did. Everyone knows, Logan replies. He pushed her too far. Her who? Ulysses shouts.

Answer your Queen!” Karnak demands. Her who? Ulysses repeats. Medusa, his queen, Karnak repeats impatiently. How long was he gone? Ulysses asks. Karnak asks what he saw. He said Stark pushed her too far, Ulysses mutters. Her who? Medusa repeats. Ulysses turns around and announces they have to tell Captain Marvel to cease fire. She must not fight Iron Man. Can they call her? She has to stop fighting Iron Man over him.

Captain Marvel is already flying downward from the Helicarrier.

At the Capitol, Miles and Captain America face each other. Miles reiterates he is not going to kill him. Cap agrees he knows that. But why is Miles here? Maybe the same reason Cap is here? Miles ventures. To prove it doesn’t happen? Cap agrees. Miles thanks him. Cap towers over him. They agree this is weird. Miles assures him he is a big fan. And yet… Cap trails off. Miles becomes suspicious. Cap explains he is just trying to figure this out. Miles remarks that, every time this Inhuman dude has a vision, a superhero dies and he is sure Cap is going to walk away fine, because for the last like hundred years he walked away fine but he, Miles, might be in trouble.

Then why is he here, really? Captain Marvel demands, hovering in the air. And what did he expect her to do when he showed up like this here? Maybe leave him alone, Miles suggests, like the cops did. Carol points out the cops left him alone, because she called them off. She did? Miles asked surprised. Carol sighs, it would be nice if he started to figure out she has the best intentions, for all of them. She asks Cap to tell Miles she is not Satan. Obediently, Cap echoes her words. He turns to her and continues; he thinks this has gone on far enough.

Carol surprisingly agrees but points out she cannot just hope this will all work out. She asks Miles to let her get him somewhere safe. But they real need to go now, before… She tries to touch Miles but instead finds an invisible shield separates them. Miles nervously asks what she is doing. She replies in agitation that she isn’t doing that. She can’t do that! Well, he’s not doing it, Miles points out.

Stop it, Tony, Carol orders. Tony Stark. Be a man! she shouts into the sky. He wasn’t hiding, comes the reply from above as Iron Man appears in a very armed up armor.

He didn’t know anything about this, Miles pipes up.

He was giving her one last chance! Iron Man roars. That was it! He fires an energy blast at Captain Marvel, but she points out he can’t take her out with that anymore. Blue Marvel took care of that. Captain Marvel and Iron Man have at each other while Spider-Man begs to be let out of the energy field. Carol blasts through the armor and Cap and Miles watch in horror…

Characters Involved: 

Captain Marvel VI
Iron Man
Captain America

Crystal, Gorgon, Medusa, Karnak, (Inhuman Royal Family)

Maria Hill (commander of SHIELD)
Unnamed SHIELD agents

In vision:
Old Man Logan

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