Daken: Dark Wolverine #6

Issue Date: 
May 2011
Story Title: 
Empire: Act 2: Part 3

Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu (writers), Giuseppe Camuncoli (penciler), Onofrio Catacchio with Sandu Florea and Giuseppe Camuncoli (inkers), Grazia Lobaccaro (background assists), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Giuseppe Camuncoli and Marte Gracia (cover art)

Brief Description: 

In Madripoor, outside the complex where the bankers are gathered, Tyger Tiger learns from Sister Francis about the atrocities that occurred to the children she saved. Enraged, Tyger puts her plan into action. Inside the complex, one of her team, Jaz, seduces one of the bankers and poisons him. After they remove him from the complex and switch out his briefcase, they send him back in. Once back inside, the old man banker goes to open his briefcase and it promptly explodes, killing all the bankers inside. After some exaltation from Tyger and her team, Daken drops off some concussive spheres with the help of Max, that temporarily paralyzes Tyger and Gui. After gathering all of the briefcases carrying all the ledgers, Daken climbs to the top of an electric tower and uses the device he stole from Reed to shut down all electricity in Madripoor. The next morning is mass chaos, with rival gangs fighting each other for whatever hard currency was left on the island. After making arrests, Tyger learns what has occurred from Max. Later that night, she is met by Daken, who asks her how she is doing. When Tyger answers ready to kill, Daken simply replies “good.”

Full Summary: 

One loose thread. That’s all it takes. Pull it, and everything unravels. Sometimes, that’s what you want. But right now I prefer all those threads to stay right where they are.

As the bankers inside the complex are “entertained,” Tyger Tiger, Daken, Max and Police Chief Gui continue to wait for the perfect opportunity. As he talks on the phone, Max informs the others that Charlie says the last banker is on his way. His daughter had a recital. When Tyger asks about the briefcase, Max replies that it’s chained to his wrist. At the same time, Gui informs his contact on the phone to maintain his position.

After Tyger asks Max if he’s clear on what to do, Max answers absolutely. When Daken interjects that he’s not clear, Tyger informs him that he doesn’t have to be clear on anything. He’s following her, does he get that? She’s not letting him out of her sight. Daken says to her that he gave her this. Tyger asks for a new start? A second chance at life? Wasn’t’ that what he said? Well, that’s what he’s getting. But on her terms. If he doesn’t like it… then leave. Smiling at her, Daken asks leave? Before the two of them have even…

Just then, Tyger’s phone begins to ring, she tells Daken to hold that no doubt disgusting thought. As Daken watches Tyger walk off, Max tells him to stay right there. Daken asks or what? He’ll start a fight? Bring attention to them? No. He won’t risk doing that. He cares too much what Tyger thinks of him. Max retorts that he, Daken, doesn’t care about her at all. Daken says “aw, who has a crush on the boss?” Or maybe it’s not just a crush. Maybe she likes to wrap those long, sweet legs around his…

When an enraged Max holds his knife to Daken’s neck, Daken walks away and tells him that he won’t tell anyone. As Daken makes his way over to Gui, he says to him that he’s guessing he won’t tell him what’s supposed to happen there today. After Gui tells him no, Daken replies “pity” and proceeds to ask Gui how his wife and his daughter are. He then states that he had heard that the school he wants to send her to is quite expensive.

Away from everybody else, Tyger tells Sister Francis on the phone that she’s sorry, but this isn’t the best time. Sister Francis informs her that it couldn’t wait. It’s the children. They’ve discovered some very disturbing things. Some of them have… medical scars. Others have wounds that refuse to heal. The children say that they were experimented on. Closing her eyes, Tyger tells Sister Francis to tell her more. Sister Francis replies that she wishes she could. The children mentioned a man. When Tyger asks what he looked like, Sister Francis tells her that none of the children know. They never saw his face.

Just then, Max informs Tyger that the last banker has arrived. With that, Tyger tells Sister Francis that she has to go. She will take care of this. If there’s anything she needs, anything, let her know. After she hangs up the phone, Daken points out to her that she’s staring. Tyger states that she’s thinking. She then asks Max if his team is ready. When Max answers “and waiting,” Tyger grits her teeth and says good - let’s do this.

Inside the complex, one of the older bankers enters a room and encounters a very attractive woman. Upon seeing her, he tells her, Jaz, that he was surprised to see her there. He thought she had left the business. Jaz replies that she did but there were certain things she missed. She then tells the man that he’s looking good. The man says he’s looking old but she is lovely, as always.

As the man makes his way over to Jaz, she tells him to lose the briefcase. Let her make him more comfortable. Leaning in close to her, the man tells Jaz that he’s not there to be comfortable. Or has she forgotten what she likes? Jaz says no and adds that he hasn’t changed at all. After snapping a tablet in her teeth, Jaz proceeds to kiss the old man. When she does, the old man collapses and begins to complain about his heart. Opening the door, Jaz calls out for someone to help.

In short time, the paramedics arrive and take the old man out to a nearby ambulance. Once inside the ambulance, the EMT’s tell the old man that they need to take the briefcase off of him now. At first the old man resists but when one of the EMTs (Max) informs him that if his heart stops, they won’t be able to resuscitate him using a defibrillator. With a concerned look, the man says fine, just don’t lose it. Switching the briefcase with another one, Max slyly says they won’t.

Outside the ambulance, the security guards start asking why it is taking so long. The paramedics start to tell them that they don’t understand. He’s receiving medical… The guards cut them off and tell them that they don’t care what he’s receiving. Open the door or they’ll open it for them, after they rip off their arms. Once the door to the ambulance is opened, the guards tell the old man inside that they just wanted to make sure… The old man cuts them off and states that he is fine. Helping the old man up, Max remarks that it was just gas. Leering at him, the old man tells Max to shut up. As he makes his way back into the compound, the old man orders the security guards to not say one word. As far as everyone else is concerned, he was dying.

Entering a board room, the bankers inside ask the old man if he exerted himself a little much with that little piece of tail. One of the other bankers stops the joking and states that they’ve wasted enough time; it’s time to get started. As the old man fiddles with his lock, the briefcase begins to beep and suddenly explodes, killing the bankers inside instantly.

With that, Tyger Tiger, police chief Gui, Jaz, Daken, and other members of Tyger’s team enters the complex. While everybody exchanges congratulations to each other, Daken congratulates Tyger and tells her that she is practically a hero. In response, Tyger asks “and?” Walking away, Daken tells her and nothing. The ledgers are hers. Their business is concluded. Just then, Gui pulls his gun out of his coat and promptly shoots a potential attacker. After Gui asks Tyger if she is okay, Tyger tells him thanks to him; she is. Remind her to give him a… raise. Looking down on the floor, Tyger notices three spheres on the ground and asks what they are.

Outside the complex, Daken calls Max and asks him how long until the secondary blast. With a grim look on his face, Max informs him any second. Just then, the spheres inside the room explode and take out Gui and Tyger. Handing the briefcase carrying the ledgers to Daken, Max reminds him of their deal. Daken informs him that his family is in a boat down by the wharf, mostly unharmed. He recommends some aspirin to take care of the headache they’ll have when they wake up. Making his way back into the complex, Daken gathers the rest of the briefcases and tells Tyger that she will survive. The blast has left her only temporarily paralyzed. After all, he has big plans for her.

Later, under the cover of night, Daken climbs an electric tower. As he does, he says that he has bigger plans than Tyger realizes. And she made it so easy, easy as the push of a button. Inserting a small device into the power box, Daken thanks Reed. Just then, the entire city goes dark.

The next morning, Gui’s daughter looks out the window and says to her mom that everything is so quiet. Turning to her husband, Gui’s wife states that nothing is working. Putting on his jacket and readying his gun, Gui tells her to not bother trying. Anything that required electricity is gone now. They might as well be living a hundred years ago. He then tells them to stay indoors; things are going to get ugly. Outside

, in the hall, Max asks Gui if he’s ready. Gui says no. The city is going to fall to pieces once people realized what’s happened. As they make their way outside, Gui asks was it terrorists? He then asks Max if he has any idea who caused the E.M.P. Max lies and answers that he has no idea at all. Max informs Gui that they have to hurry, Ms. Tyger has new Intel. When Gui asks how, Max states that her sources don’t need the internet to know what’s happening on the street.

On the streets of Madripoor, mass chaos breaks out. As people try to get into the bank to get their money, the employees inside work feverishly to bag and secure whatever hard currency is left on Madripoor before anything bad happens. Just then, a gang of thugs enter the bank with guns drawn and steal the money. When that gang gets outside they are confronted by two other gangs who steal the money from them. On the docks, many citizens of Madripoor are trying to board boats; others are leaping into the water and swimming. As one of the gangs attempts to board a boat, Param Mishra is able to board the boat first. As Mishra informs the gang that they have a boat to steal, Tyger tells them not today and places them all under arrest.

Inside her offices, Gui tells Tyger that there’s nothing left. Every record, every bank account, everything… is gone. They can’t even provide basic services. Anything that ran on electricity is useless. With a stern look on her face, Tyger orders everyone out of the room except Max. Once they are alone, Tyger asks Max what happened.

Later, Tyger stands alone on top of one of the building overlooking the city. She says that she used to fear the darkness. The darkness that would consume her, change her. It’s happening again and there’s no place to hide. Joining her on the roof, Daken points out to her that she can see the stars now. Turning around, Tyger asks him if that is why he did this. When Daken asks her how she is, Tyger simply answers “ready to kill.” Smiling, Daken says “good.”

Characters Involved: 


Tyger Tiger

Tyger’s team (Max, Charlie, and Jaz are the only ones named)

Captain Gui (Madripoor’s chief of police) and his family

Various unnamed bankers of Madripoor

Various unnamed residents of Madripoor

Story Notes: 

Tyger Tiger is the crimelord of Madripoor. Back in Uncanny X-Men #229, her name was Jessan Hoan. She was changed, due in part to the partial personality change induced by Pretty Boy.

Daken stole the electronic device from Reed back in Daken: Dark Wolverine #4.

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