Daredevil (1st series) #269

Issue Date: 
August 1989
Story Title: 
Lone Stranger

Ann Nocenti (writer), John Romita, Jr. (pencils), Al Williamson (inker), Joe Rosen (letters), Max Scheele (colors), Ralph Macchio (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Blob and Pyro are teleported to a small town by Spiral where they are given the orders to take into custody a mutant girl with unknown powers. Terrorizing the town, Blob and Pyro make their way to a nearby bar. At the same time, Daredevil makes his way to the town as Matt Murdock, attorney at law, so that he can help the mutant from having her civil rights being violated. Finding the bar, Matt proceeds to provide Blob and Pyro with a number of alcoholic shots. One of the townspeople informs Pyro where the mutant is at. Overhearing the whereabouts, Matt changes into Daredevil and makes his way to her location at the bell tower to get her out. Just then, Pyro arrives and is able to take the mutant girl, Amanda, and knocks out Daredevil. Waking up, Matt returns to the bar and tells Blob that Pyro has the mutant. Enraged, Blob finds Pyro and they begin to fight. After discovering that Amanda has disappeared, the duo attempts to find her. In the streets, they are confronted by Daredevil, who breaks Pyro’s arms and, with the help of Amanda and the bell, is able to take out Blob. The battle complete, Spiral teleports in, chides Blob and Pyro for their inability to complete a simple task, and teleports them away. As Matt leaves town, Amanda wonders who her savior is and why he had to leave her life after making such an impact in it.

Full Summary: 

As Spiral teleports Pyro and Blob to a small town, Blob asks her what this chick’s power is. Spiral informs him that is information they don’t have. But this should be a simple task for Freedom Force. Try not to complicate it. Find the wayward mutant, and force her to come in for registration. Pyro proceeds to ask why the bleedin’ rebel mutants don’t just go on an’ register up and get it over with. Blob says to him who cares. Capturing ‘em gives them good work, good bucks and some get-down fightin’ too. He’s happy. Spiral remarks that perhaps some mutants find registration humiliating. She tells them that she has to teleport back and reminds them not to screw this up. Bring her that girl.

As Spiral teleports away, Blob mentions to Pyro that she sure is sexy till she opens her mouth. She treats them like babies. Pyro replies so what, now, so she’s a stiff little twit. They should have some fun. Exclaiming shootin’ practice, Pyro shoots a nearby windmill with a blast of flame. Walking down the street, laughing, Pyro points out to Blob to look at the humans hiding and cowering about.

Blob remarks that humans are such dogs. He then asks Pyro for the picture of their target. Looking at the picture, he states that she’s his girl, she sure is pretty. He thinks he loves her. Pyro agrees. She’s right fine. He’d like the luv to show him what her mutant talent is, ‘ey what? Hyuk yuk! Crunching up the picture, Blob angrily tells Pyro not to get any ideas ‘bout his girl. This one’s his. He, Pyro, always gets the girl. This one’s his, he promised. Pyro tells Blob blimey, calm down. Maybe they should let ‘er pick.

Just then, the sheriff of the town, flanked by a number of the townspeople, introduces himself to the two mutants. After he does, he tells them the burned their windmill and terrorized the townfolks. They don’t like their type in town; they don’t like strangers period. He then tells them to get out! Laughing, Blob tells him “make me.” With that, a number of the townspeople attack Blob and try to move him. When they can’t, Pyro unleashes a gigantic flame over his head. He tells them to take a look at it. While Freedom Force’s there, they own their town.

As the townspeople run off, Blob grabs the sheriff by the collar, shows him his badge, and asks him if he gets it. He’s part of Freedom Force and has the highest government clearance. He’s his boss. He then adds that the town better deliver them that mutant by sundown or they burn the whole blamed matchstick town. Seeing a nearby watering hole, the White Horse Tavern, Blob tells Pyro that he’s thirsty. They gotta wait around, might as well be with a few brewskies.

Entering the bar, Blob tells the patrons inside to make room at the bar and to the ladies; he tells them it’s their chance to get lucky. Bellying up to the bar, Blob calls the bartender beautiful and tells her go on – serve him. Seeing the patrons of the bar try to sneak away, Blob slams his fist on the bar and asks them where they are all shuffling off to. He yells at them to get back there and drink with him and they’re gonna have fun doing it.

Making his way down the street, Matt Murdock, wearing plain clothes senses that the streets are empty. But behind all the closed shutters and bolted doors, he hears a lot of whispering. He’s read about this Freedom Force. And he watched in horror as the mutant registration act was passed, a gross violation of the civil rights of mutants. He’d like to find that mutant before they do.

Entering the bar, Matt hears Blob hitting on the waitress, much to her dismay. When he sits down next to him, Blob sees the blind man sitting next to him and asks Pyro if he knows how the blind man burned his fingers – by readin’ the waffle iron. Pyro tells him he’s a blinkin’ idiot. Blind people aren’t deaf too, he can hear him. After Blob says he knows that, Matt gives the bartender a wad of cash and asks her to buy the gentleman sitting next to him a couple of shots and to keep ‘em coming.

Some time later, after many shots have been consumed by both Pyro and Blob, Pyro excuses himself and heads to the little boy’s room. As Blob looks at the waitress through two of the shot glasses, Matt can tell the liquor’s hitting them, it’ll evens the odds a bit. When Pyro makes his way towards the bathroom, one of the townspeople tells him he’ll tell him where to find the mutant girl – for a price. Laughing, Blob asks Matt if he wants to take a look at the waitress. It’s quite a view. Matt tells him no thanks. He then thinks to himself that with his heightened senses, there’s nothing worse than being around a loud, smelly, belching monstrosity like this blob.

Just then, he hears Pyro talking in the back room. He hears the man telling Pyro that “she’s being guarded in the bell tower.” Immediately, Matt knows that they are talking about the girl and he knows that he’s got to beat Pyro to her.

A little while later, at the bell tower, the men guarding Amanda tell her not to cry. They won’t let them take her away. Just then, Amanda hears the distinctive sounds of a struggle. When she looks up, Daredevil is standing in front of her. Holding a lantern, he tells her not to be frightened. Seeing the men laying in a heap on the floor, Amanda asks the red stranger in front of her why he did that. They were her friends. Daredevil replies that it couldn’t be helped. They wouldn’t have trusted a stranger. And he’s got to get her out of there, fast. Pyro’s on his way.

As a gun floats to her hand, Amanda asks Daredevil why she should trust him. Seeing the gun float towards her hand, Daredevil asks her if that’s her power. Amanda says yes. If she wants something, it comes to her. Daredevil then tells her that she won’t shoot him, she’s got to trust him. Just then, Daredevil grabs hold of a rope and with Amanda on his back, jumps out the window of the bell tower just as the flames being to engulf the structure. Amanda asks him what that was and Daredevil informs her that it was Pyro. He controls flame.

Just then, Daredevil detects the fallen guards’ heartbeats and he knows they’re waking up. Before he reaches the ground, Daredevil tells Amanda to hold on. He smells burning rope. Landing on a nearby rooftop, Daredevil can tell the guards made it to safety but Pyro is close by. At that moment, Pyro emerges and says so he’s got some competition for the pretty lady. He then calls Daredevil an idiot. He can fry his bloody bones in a second flat.

After telling Amanda to run, Daredevil dodges Pyro’s flame blasts. While he does, Pyro says to him right showy he is. Nice flip, red man. Good, he needs some shooting practice. Cook the lucky red jumping bean. Try an’ land butter side up. As Daredevil continues to dodge Pyro’s flames, Pyro tells him that he still can’t believe he’s fighting him over some ruttin’ piece a’ fluff – he can only die. A crazy devil, surrounded by fire.

Watching what is happening, Amanda thinks to herself all of this destruction is because of her. And that stranger is really fighting for her, risking his life. Why?

Continuing to battle Pyro, Daredevil thinks to himself that it’s so hot and he’s breathing smoke. He can’t take much more. As he tosses his billyclub at Pyro, Pyro remarks good, he’s getting a right complete workout. He’ll just make the smoke so dense it stops his two-bit club. With that, he fires it back at Daredevil who barely dodges it. Unleashing a mighty flame, Pyro remarks that he must be a bit tipsy, he missed. Oh well, looks like the bloke’s out cold anyway. An’ he didn’t half let it rip, what?

When he wakes up, Daredevil wonders how long he’s been unconscious. He knows that Pyro has Amanda. Hearing screams from the bar, Daredevil makes his way over there. Entering the bar as Matt Murdock, he sees Blob holding the bartender close to him. The patrons of the bar tell him he’s going too far. Can’t he see she doesn’t like him? After Blob tells them to shaddup, the patrons pull out their weapons and point their guns at him. Blob dares them to shoot him and when they do, the bullets bounce off of him with great ease.

Laughing, Blob remarks that tickled and that he’s gotta scratch the itch. He then tells them all that it’s almost sundown and proceeds to ask where the mutant is. Sitting at the bar, Matt asks the girl? He saw her with his pal, the skinny Englishman. Enraged, Blob asks what?

Heading to a nearby barn filled with smoke, Blob kicks down the door and says when there’s smoke, there’s gotta be Pyro. Seeing Pyro with the girl, Blob calls Pyro scum and a traitor. She was gonna be his. Now he touched her and ruined her. Picking up a beam, he adds that this one was gonna like him, he just knew it.

For that, he’s gonna kill him. When Blob takes a swing at Pyro with the beam, Pyro dodges it and tells him that he sure is a right sloppy one when he’s jealous. Just then, Blob falls out of the barn and onto the ground in a heap. Coughing, he tells Pyro that he can’t see or breath – not fair. Standing over him, Pyro calls him a grindy whining little brat and tells him it’s no wonder girls don’t take to him. Grabbing Pyro by the throat, Blob tells him ha, he tricked him. Now he’ll… Before Blob punches Pyro, Pyro asks him where the girl is. Blob responds that he doesn’t know. She got away?

Walking through the deserted streets, Pyro mentions to Blob they need to just bring the girl ‘round and finish this bit later. After Blob agrees, Daredevil appears behind them and tells them this town ain’t big enough, especially with fats there. Stopping in their tracks, Blob asks if he heard that right. Pyro, meanwhile says to Daredevil that he’s a persistent little cad, ain’t he. In his mind, he thinks to himself that he’ll just fry his butt. Staring intently, Daredevil thinks to himself that Pyro probably thinks he can fry his butt.

As Pyro powers up and prepares to blast his foe with fire, Daredevil tosses two billyclubs which hit both of his shoulders and takes him out of commission. Enraged, Blob angrily tells Daredevil he’s done for. When Daredevil connects with a kick to Blob which has no effect, Blob laughs at him and tells him he’s immovable. As Daredevil continues to punch away, Blob dares him to try an’ budge him. Once he gets in closer, Blob slaps the side of Daredevil’s head with each of his hands. When he does so, Daredevil slumps to the ground in a heap.

As he lifts his gigantic foot and prepares to squish Daredevil’s head underneath it, Daredevil is suddenly whisked away by Amanda, much to Blob’s surprise. Plodding over towards Daredevil and Amanda, Blob tells them that now he’s gotta squash both of them. Picking himself up off the ground, Daredevil tells Amanda “the bell.” As Blob comes closer, Daredevil uses his acrobatic ability to leap over Blob. In the process of doing so, he pokes him in the eyes, blinding him.

Holding his eyes, Blob exclaims he blinded him, no fair. Daredevil says he’s right, that was low of him. But he’s right over there, fats. Blob exclaims that he’ll kill him and starts to make his way towards Daredevil. Blinded, he is unable to connect with any of his swings. Just then, Amanda notices that Daredevil is luring Blob underneath the gigantic bell in the church tower. Using her mutant power, Amanda is able to bring the bell down and slams it into the back of Blob’s head. Laughing, Blob remarks that he’s immovable before he collapses in a heap.

As Daredevil begins to leave the town, Amanda asks him where he’s going, she wanted to thank him. Daredevil tells her sure, but she’d better hide. Amanda begs him not to go but Daredevil tells her that he’s got to move on.

At that moment, Spiral appears and proceeds to call Blob and Pyro idiots. How pathetic. Complete failures, she should have known. Pyro tells her it wasn’t their fault. Daredevil was in town and he busted his arm. Blob adds yeah, an’ he hit him. Sneering at them, Spiral tells them both to shut up, wipe their noses little boys, and get ready to teleport. With that, the trio vanishes.

Looking out at the street, Amanda wonders who that courageous man was and who Daredevil is. Why did he have to enter her life, only to walk out of it? After meeting him, everyone else seems pail. As she laments, Matt Murdock walks by her without being noticed.

Characters Involved: 

Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Blob, Pyro and Spiral (all Freedom Force)

Amanda (a mutant)

Various unnamed residents of a small town where Amanda lives

Various unnamed patrons of the White Horse Tavern

Story Notes: 

The mutant registration act was passed in Uncanny X-Men #188. Freedom Force first came into existence as a government entity in Uncanny X-Men #199. Prior to that, they were one of the incarnations of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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