Dark Wolverine #79

Issue Date: 
December 2009
Story Title: 
My Hero: Part 2

Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu (writers), Stephen Segovia (pencils), Jay Leisten with Cam Smith (inks), Marte Gracia (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters & production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Greg Land with Justin Ponsor (cover art), Khoi Pham with Jason Keith (variant cover)

Brief Description: 

Inside a warehouse, Norman Osborn is recording Daken, who is fighting the fugitives Inquisitor, Emmy Doolin, Moses Magnum and Cutthroat in an effort to clean up his image. At first, Daken has the upper-hand but eventually the fugitives take control and beat Daken down. They leave before killing him however and, as they do, Emmy leans down and tells Daken that she’s the beautiful woman who let him live. On the run, Emmy and the others learn that they were set up. Paying a visit to her chauvinistic ex-boss, Emmy is able to obtain a video of Osborn approaching her a week ago. With this information, Emmy contacts Osborn to cut a deal. Osborn offers for her to turn herself in and Emmy accepts. After hanging up the phone, Osborn sends Daken to clean up his mess. Daken infuriates him and tells him it is Osborn’s mess but states that he’ll fix it but he won’t be doing it for Osborn. Daken has his own score to settle.

Full Summary: 

Inside a warehouse, Daken faces off against Emmy Doolin, Moses Magnum, the Inquisitor and Cutthroat. As he does so, he tells them that they are under arrest. They have the right to remain silent. Anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. If they get there. Frankly, he recommends they surrender. It’ll go better for them in so many different ways.

Tossing his hands in the air and dropping his knife, Cutthroat tells him deal. With a devious smile, Daken slashes Cutthroat across the face. Watching from his control room, Norman Osborn tells his people to edit that, and to be ready to edit everything. At the warehouse, Moses starts to tell Daken to go to h... but Daken slashes him across the face before he can finish his thought. After Emmy nicks him with her gunfire, Daken tells her that her aim is off. Maybe she should be playing with dolls instead of bullets. As Emmy continues to fire at Daken, Emmy tells him ‘funny.’

In Daken’s earpiece, Osborn tells him it’s not funny. Daken says to Emmy “only the best for a beautiful woman.” Osborn then tells Daken that he’s making this look too easy. While she reloads, Daken says to Emmy that she’s too beautiful to go out in a dirty warehouse surrounded by two-bit thugs. Emmy asks Daken if that’s so. Osborn informs Daken to let them get a shot in, just one. It’ll make him seem more sympathetic. Daken then tells Emmy that if this is going to be her last moment, she should do it in style, make it epic, like poetry.

At that moment, the Inquisitor comes up behind Daken with a hammer. As he begins to lower the hammer down, Daken catches his arm and cracks Cutthroat in the face with it. While he does, Daken utters “let baser things devise to die in dust but you shall live in fame.” Pointing her guns at Daken, Emmy tells him poetry really but he used to grunt more. Running off, the Inquisitor repeats over and over gotta go, gotta go. When there’s smoke, there’s fire, never just one Avenger.

Coming face to face with Emmy, Daken tells her come on. He’ll make it easy on her. He’ll just stand there while she pulls the trigger. Be the woman who killed Wolverine. Emmy tells him tempting, but he’s not Wolverine. Just then, Moses unleashes his seismic power upon Daken and knocks him to the ground. As the Inquisitor and Cutthroat pounce on Daken and start beating on him, Osborn’s men ask him if Daken took that shot deliberately and then asks if they should keep recording. Osborn replies yes, but make sure it doesn’t hit the news feed. They can use this footage internally.

Punching Daken, Cutthroat asks him that he’s not so fast, huh? Maybe he should surrender. He should make it easy on himself. Moses then speaks up and tells them enough. They need to leave now. Holding Daken by the face, Cutthroat prepares to stab Daken in the head but Emmy tells him to stop. Cutthroat tells her that he’s going for the eye, easy access to his brain. Emmy tells him no time, his healing factor… Cutthroat says he has him but Moses replies they’ve gone toe-to-toe with Wolverine – and won. Leave it at that.

Before they leave, Emmy leans down and tells Daken that she doesn’t know who he is but he’s never going to forget her now, is he? She’s the beautiful woman who let him live, you pathetic, arrogant piece of crap. Chew on that for the rest of his life.

As Daken lies on the ground, bleeding, Osborn tells him that it was just a simple job. Easy pickings. Not just easy enough, apparently. He then tells him that the woman was right, he is pathetic. Looking up, Daken sees a vision of Wolverine, his father, drinking a beer and telling him that it ain’t as easy as it looks, is it kid. Clutching his mask angrily, Daken says ‘son of a bitch.’

As they run on top of buildings, Moses asks Emmy if she really thought he had a healing factor. Emmy tells him she doesn’t know, doesn’t want to stick around long enough to find out. The claws are close enough. Moses states that when he says they were made of bone and not metal… Emmy says for her, it was his voice, the way he talked. Not the Wolverine she remembered, not even close.

Moses then asks her if she thinks Inquisitor and Cutthroat realized it yet. Cutthroat stops running and says he’s done running. He’s got a plan – call Norman Osborn. Taking a seat, Emmy tells him that’s a terrible idea. Cutthroat says it’s in Osborn’s interest to make sure they go free. They still have that job to do. Emmy proceeds to ask him that he doesn’t think it’s strange that one of his own people showed up out of the blue? Cutthroat replies, hell, it’s Wolverine. He’s found him in stranger places.

Looking over at Moses, Emmy says to him don’t tell her he’s buying this. Moses responds that he has a point. Emmy reminds him death before jail. Cutthroat adds that if this is a coincidence, and Osborn can clear up their problem… Moses then tells the Inquisitor to give him the disposable cell phone that’s in the kit. When he asks if he’s used it yet, Inquisitor tells him that it’s still clean. Emmy tells them not to make the call here. They’re too easily pinned down. Head to street-level and then dump the phone when they’re done, got it. Cutthroat asks who died and made her boss. Moses states that Emmy is right. And nobody is boss there. He thinks they all have the same desire to see this done right which is why Emmy should call Osborn.

After Cutthroat replies like hell, Moses states that he’s too recognizable and they are both morons. Taking the phone, Emmy remarks that if she’s not back in ten… Moses tells her they’ll be gone before then. Emmy turns around and says right.

Leaping down to the street, Emmy thinks to herself that maybe she’ll be gone too; back to her boring, safe life. As she looks into the crowd, Cutthroat grabs her arm and asks her if she’s going someplace. Surprised, Emmy asks him what he’s doing there. Cutthroat tells her that he didn’t want her getting any ideas. Emmy says it’s better than having a sinkhole for a brain. Emmy then tells him that he shouldn’t have grabbed her. Men who surprise her usually get a bullet between the legs. Cutthroat tells her that he can’t tell if that’s scary or sexy.

Continuing down the street, Emmy tells Cutthroat to come on. They need to put some distance between themselves and the others. As they do, Cutthroat asks Emmy if she has a number. Emmy asks him that he doesn’t? This was his idea. Cutthroat tells her yeah, but he was just gonna, you know, dial up Oscorp and talk to the operator. Emmy informs him that’s exactly what he’s doing. Oscorp records every phone call it receives. Conversations are routinely monitored for trigger words. Say something that raises warning bells and the network will automatically begin to trace the call and alert certain authorities.

Dialing the phone, Emmy asks to be connected to Mr. Osborn’s personal line and to tell him that it’s Emmy Doolin and that she’s standing next to Moses Magnum. When Cutthroat asks her how she knows this, Emmy tells him research. He might try it sometime. Just then, Emmy sees a news report on a nearby television that reports that authorities are reporting that Wolverine of the Avengers has apprehended Moses Magnum, Emmy Doolin and the men known as Cutthroat and the Inquisitor. Caught while breaking into a defense contractor’s corporate office, the four criminals are responsible for this morning’s attack inside a federal courthouse.

Just then, Osborn answers the phone and tells Ms. Doolin greetings. After Emmy asks Osborn if that’s him, Osborn says to her that she sounds rattled, is she well. Emmy tells him she just heard the news. Did he send that out before or after he set them the hell up? Osborn replies before, of course. Emmy angrily tells him that he might want to send out a new one. Wolverine left for dead, Norman Osborn in deep @*%&.

Walking into All-Mart wearing a short jacket and a hat, Emmy Doolin approaches the gun section and her ex-boss. Upon seeing her, he is surprised and tells her that he fired her. Just in case she didn’t know, if she came there for her final check, too bad. Walking into his office and removing her hat, Emmy tells him that she didn’t come for a check. She came for something else, something bigger. Leaning over his desk, she tells him that she wants store surveillance footage.

After her ex-boss asks “w-what,” Emmy says she needs surveillance footage from last Tuesday. Time stamp between 3 and 4 p.m. Her ex-boss replies no, absolutely not. That would be against store policy. Showing more leg, Emmy asks if that’s a hard and fast rule. Reaching out for her breasts, Emmy’s ex-boss tells her maybe they can work something out. Emmy tells him ‘you got it Romeo’ and then hands him a disk and for him to download it onto it. As he does so, he begins to remove his belt and asks how she wants to do this thing – on his desk, the floor? He has a meeting in ten minutes but he’ll cancel. She’ll have to be quiet. Can’t have the others knowing. Maybe he should gag her, just in case.

After pressing a few buttons on his keyboard, he is shocked that all the security footage has been erased. Emmy asks if he can determine who did it but he replies no. It should have been impossible. As Emmy starts to walk away, her ex-boss asks if she will still… Once Emmy tells him no, he asks not even if he can give her what she wants? Opening up a drawer and pulling out a laptop, he tells her that no one knows about this. He has his own hidden system. He records everything on his laptop.

Looking at the videos on the screen, Emmy sees images of her with Osborn, women’s changing rooms, and women’s bathrooms. Emmy asks “the women’s changing rooms? Really?” He adds “and her.” He made her his special project, see. Taking the laptop, Emmy starts to walk out of the office. With his pants down, her ex-boss asks where she is going. That’s his, they had a deal. Removing her jacket, Emmy tells him he’s right, they did. Pointing her gun at him, she tells him to consider himself screwed.

In their hideout, Moses states to Cutthroat and the Inquisitor they’re done; finished. Cutthroat asks how so. Inquisitor responds isn’t it obvious; it’s fate, cruel, cruel fate. Moses adds that they were set up. Cutthroat says he knows that, he just doesn’t know why. Moses states that it doesn’t matter why. He’s got the Avengers, HAMMER, everything.

At that moment, Emmy walks in with the laptop and says that means he’s got everything to lose. Showing her allies the videos of her talking with Osborn, Cutthroat asks so what, there’s not even sound. Emmy tells him it’s proof that he was speaking to her only days before they broke Moses out. Norman Osborn, in an All-Mart, speaking to her. Most people would find that unusual. Cutthroat states that “unusual” isn’t the same thing as a sure thing. And backed up by her word against his? Moses says he’s right. Norman is too powerful to take down with nothing more than a Hail Mary. Inquisitor pipes in that may be true but he thinks he can do something with this. If there’s one thing he knows, it’s how to get under someone’s skin.

As he sits in his courtyard with his laptop, Norman Osborn is informed by one of his lieges that they’re canvassing the city for the escaped mutant but so far he’s… Osborn cuts him off and says eluded capture. Yes, he knows. He then tells him that he’s afraid they’ll have to discuss this later. Watching a video he received, Osborn sees an image of him with Emmy and Emmy’s voice telling him “Surprise Norman. You could be the next big thing on the internet. But folks won’t be making fun of you. They’ll be asking for your head on a platter.

Slamming his laptop shut, Daken asks if there’s trouble in paradise. Norman replies that he thinks Daken would like that. Daken tells him in case he hadn’t noticed; his troubles are usually a waste of his time. Osborn replies yes, his social calendar. He forgot it takes precedence over matters of national security. But what should he expect from a mere pretender? He then tells Daken that he might wear his father’s mask but those losers left him bleeding and broken. He thinks he even heard a whimper. Next time, maybe he should wear a diaper, just in case he soils himself.

At that moment, one of Osborn’s assistants informs him that he has a call. Osborn tells him that he’ll take it in his office. As he goes to leave, Osborn tells his assistant that he has a job for him.

Once in his office, a sweating Osborn answers the phone. Emmy tells him that it’s her and then asks if he’s seen the video. After Osborn replies if you can call it that, Emmy tells him that he can play it cool all he wants but there’s more where that came from. Osborn asks her what she wants and Emmy informs him she wants out. All of them do, free and clear. Osborn replies that he can’t do that. They’re all fugitives. How would that look, image is…

Emmy cuts him off and says important. Yes, she knows. That’s why she’s going to take a huge dump on his if he doesn’t play ball. Osborn tells her fine, turn yourselves in. After Emmy tells him like hell, Osborn tells her to turn themselves in and he’ll have her arrested. He’ll expedite the court proceedings where they’ll be convicted. Once inside the system, he can assign them new identities and release them free and clear. That’s his offer – take it or leave it.

After a long pause Emmy replies okay and asks where they are going to do this. Osborn tells her not to worry, they’ll come to them. At that moment, Osborn’s assistant walks in and informs Osborn that they’ve traced the call, they’re not far.

Stepping into the office, Daken asks Osborn that he texted. Osborn tells him to shut the door and that it’s time to clean up their mess. Daken replies your mess, you mean. Ever cross your mind that if you had just let it alone from the beginning… Slamming his fist on his desk, Osborn angrily tells Daken to shut his mouth and to do as he’s told. Smiling, Daken says right, national security. Let him check his calendar first. He wouldn’t want to miss any hot dates. Osborn tells him that the plan is the same but as there’s no time to pre-install cameras, he will arrange to have a news crew present. That means live television. So have a little pride and don’t blow it this time.

Daken remarks that he trusts him, how touching. Osborn tells him remember what he said; Daken will fix this. Daken replies of course. But he won’t be doing this for him, he’s got his own score to settle.

Characters Involved: 

Daken/Wolverine, Norman Osborn/Iron Patriot (both “dark” Avengers)
Various unnamed HAMMER agents

Emmy Doolin, the Inquisitor, Cutthroat and Moses Magnum

Emmy’s unnamed ex-boss at the gun section of All-Mart

Various unnamed patrons of All-Mart

Various unnamed residents of New York City

Story Notes: 

Aryan, featured on the cover (2nd from left), does not appear in this issue. From left to right, the characters on the cover are Cutthroat, Moses Magnum, Emmy Doolin, Aryan and the Inquisitor.

“Let baser things devise to die in dust but you shall live in fame” comes from “One Day I Wrote her Name Upon the Strand” by Edmund Spenser.

Emmy Doolin is the same one who appeared in Wolverine (2nd series) #45-46. Then, she was obsessed with the Hunter in Darkness for killing her father.

The Inquisitor is an old Wolverine villain, appearing in Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #4, 7-9.

Cutthroat is an old villain of Captain America and associate of the Red Skull.

Moses Magnum is an old foe of both the X-Men & Luke Cage.

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