Dark Wolverine #85

Issue Date: 
June 2010
Story Title: 
Reckoning: Part One

Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu (writers), Stephen Segovia (pencils), Cam Smith (inks), Marte Gracia (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters & production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Stephen Segovia with Rain Beredo (cover art)

Brief Description: 

Two weeks ago in San Francisco, Wolverine enlists Daken’s help in tracking down Romulus and explains his plans to him. Daken agrees to help and, a week later, is approached by Romulus in Paris. Daken informs Romulus of Wolverine’s plans and the next week meets Wolverine outside a café in Ankara. There, Daken tells Wolverine that he has met with Romulus and that he knows his plan because he told him it. Wolverine reveals to Daken that he knew he would rat him out to Romulus but that was all part of his plan. Ruby Thursday already told Romulus the plan but it needed to be corroborated by him, Daken. Daken asks if there’s anything else he doesn’t know, Wolverine tells him it’s a surprise, and proceeds to stab Daken in the chest with the Muramasa blade.

Full Summary: 

(Two weeks ago in San Francisco)

Wolverine met with Daken near the Golden Gate Bridge. As he does, Daken recalls that mysteries are not necessarily miracles. He read that a long time ago. Didn’t make sense until now. Should be impossible, standing there, with Wolverine. Should be. Should be a miracle he’s not trying to kill him. But it’s not. It’s just life working in its mysterious ways, presenting an unforeseen opportunity.

He listens as Wolverine outlines the plan. It’s actually quite good. Maybe the old man isn’t as pathetic as he once assumed. Once he hears Wolverine telling him that he can’t do this without him, Daken takes that last thought back. After hearing what Wolverine has to say, Daken asks him if that’s it, is that his plan. He adds that somebody should put him out of his misery.

With his arms folded, Wolverine says to Daken to explain why he’s still standing there if his idea is so bad. Daken thinks to himself that he could tell him but that would ruin the surprise. Instead, he tells Wolverine fine and asks him how the hell he expects to find Romulus. It’s impossible. Wolverine answers ‘cause that’s what he does. Son. He is going to find him so be ready. Daken states that he doesn’t follow orders. He’ll go when and if he wants to. He then tells Wolverine not to be in such a hurry either. Because once Romulus is out of the way, they have their own finished business to take care of.


In Ankara, Daken sits by himself outside of a coffee shop as people walk by. Sipping his coffee, he thinks to himself more mysteries, the old man is a fool. Walking up towards him, carrying a jacket, Wolverine asks Daken what he’s doing there. He didn’t call yet. When Daken asks him if he knows where Romulus is, Wolverine tells him ‘fraid not. As Wolverine takes a seat across from Daken, Daken tells him that Romulus knows where he is. Wolverine asks how and the answer is because Daken told him.

(One week ago, in Paris)

Daken is in his room pouring himself a glass of wine. Just then, a buxom young lady asks him if he’s going to pour her a glass. After Daken tells her to pour it herself, the young lady tells him she doesn’t like him. Daken tells her not to flatter herself with thinking that he cares. Making her way to the door, the young woman tells him he’s vile. Daken replies “hmm,” now he’s flattered. Opening the door, the young lady remarks that the city is filled with men who would kill for her attention. At the moment she opens the door, Romulus kills her and says she’s right. Entering the room, Romulus asks Daken has he taught him nothing. Where are his manners? Taking a seat, he asks Daken isn’t he going to pour him a glass?


At the café, Wolverine asks Daken that Romulus came to see him. Why? Daken asks isn’t it obvious? He wanted to know what the hell they’re up to. Wolverine angrily asks that Romulus knows they’re working together. Daken says he does now.


Back in Paris, Romulus removes his claw gloves, places them on a nearby end table and proceeds to sip his wine. As he does, he tells Daken that he has a lovely room and remarks that he always did have good taste. When asked why he came there, Romulus asks can’t he get out in the world and visit some of his favorite people. Daken replies of course, his apologies.

Looking out at the Eiffel Tower, Romulus says that he’s heard things. Such as, that Daken and his father have made amends. Daken states that they have a common goal, that’s all. Romulus tells him not to lie to him or to himself. Wolverine wants to kill him out of revenge, but Daken wants something else. He wants to be him. Turning away from Romulus, Daken says it’s his destiny. Standing up Romulus asks to kill him and then asks Daken why he doesn’t do it now, he’s unarmed. Stammering for a response, Romulus says to him that he’ll tell him why. It’s because it’s not his destiny to kill him.


At the café, Wolverine laments great and asks Daken what else he told Romulus. Daken says nothing but in reality, he told Romulus everything. Wolverine tells Daken that he doesn’t believe him. Daken says he’s hurt and adds that he’s near tears. Amidst the crowd, Wolverine yells at Daken to cut the crap, he knew he would betray him to Romulus. Daken asks oh, did he? Wolverine says yeah, but he’s still tryin’ to figure out why. Daken answers it’s simple really, he hates him. Wolverine says no. It’s not because he hates him, it’s because he loves Romulus.

Peering at him, Daken tells him how dare… Wolverine tells him not to start. He adds that he was counting on him to spill his guts to Romulus. It was the only way to make sure he bought the story. Daken asks what exactly is he saying. Wolverine answers that he’s saying, son, that Romulus already knew his plans. Ruby Thursday told him everything before he was even a glint in his plan’s eye. But they had to be confirmed by him. Standing up, Wolverine tells Daken that he didn’t tell him everything and he’s sorry. With his head hung down, Daken asks what else doesn’t he know. With that, Wolverine pulls the Muramasa blade out of his jacket and stabs Daken in the chest with it. When he does, he tells him it’s a surprise.

Characters Involved: 



Various unnamed residents in Ankara

In flashbacks:



Unnamed young lady killed by Romulus in Daken’s room

Ruby Thursday

Story Notes: 

Ruby Thursday spilled the beans to Romulus back in Wolverine Origins #46.

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.

This story is continued in Wolverine Origins #47.

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